Photo by Tom Gardiner, Three If By Space

SDCC 2015: Orphan Black Clone Club Fan Meet-Up – Interviews & Excitement

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Image by Tom Gardiner, Senior Editor, Three If By Space

Selfie with Curtis Armstrong

Orphan Black made a big splash at San Diego Comic Con this year with a packed hall full of fans in the panel, but if you were very lucky you got into the far more intimate Clone Club Fan Meet-Up.  Held Saturday morning at the House of Blues, the event kept with the show’s tradition of being all-inclusive with anyone allowed entry, SDCC badge or not.  I ran into actor Curtis Armstrong (Metatron, Booger, et al) who’s a big fan of the show and a really nice guy.  Of course, they could only take a relatively small number of fans, so the early birds got the worm.  Just hopefully not THAT worm, if you know what i mean.

Image by Tom Gardiner, Senior Editor - Three If By Space

Party like a pirate, baby!

There were plenty of activities for the fans to get into the spirit of the gathering, though the enthusiasm was so high the attendees needed no help in getting excited for what was about to come.  There were places to get temporary tattoos (One the shows DNA symbol, the other a nautilus shell), there were copious amounts of Alison Hendrix campaign buttons for all, and there was the immensely popular Rachel Duncan-style eye patch bedazzling station.  That booth was cleaned out quickly and the place soon looked like it was filled with absolutely fabulous pirates.  Or, more accurately, fabulously bedazzled Rachel Duncan wannabes, albeit less controlling than the one-eyed bitch herself.

Image by Tom Gardiner, Senior Editor - Three If By Space

We’ll miss you, Dylan Bruce

There were also pink Alison Hendrix campaign t-shirts given out everywhere, but like the eye patches, they ran out very quickly.  Orphan Black has the best fans and everybody wanted to campaign for their favorite murderous, drug-dealing suburban soccer mom.  I was not lucky enough to get a shirt, though I did get one of the cool campaign buttons.  I also got the opportunity to take a picture with Dylan Bruce, a very kind and generous man.  It was really great that the Orphan Black folks brought him in for one last goodbye, he and his character will be sorely missed.

Three If By Space accompanied writer and fellow Clone Club member Meredith J Jacobs (@MeridethJJacobs) to the event where we had the opportunity to speak with the creators and some of the stars of Orphan Black.  Everyone was there except Tatiana Maslany who had a previous obligation and had to leave the convention right after the show’s panel.  We were guided to a smaller side room where the official Press Meet-Up was going on simultaneously with the fan event.  The room was dark and a bit noisy, so don’t expect a cinema-quality experience, but the video interviews below are packed with great information you may not find anywhere else.

This is our Orphan Black playlist so all the videos will run in sequential order from this one video window.

First up were series co-creators and masterminds behind the madness, John Fawcett and Graeme Manson.  They were very generous with their time and covered topics ranging from cosplay to the fun of pairing Donnie and Helena.  They explained the plan to kill off Paul and how they’d promised Dylan Bruce if/when the time came, he’d go out a hero.  Meredith got the guys talking about Krystal and how she was initially going to be killed off, only used in the elevator security footage, but Tatiana Maslany did such a fun job of creating yet another memorable character, they rewrote the script to keep her.  And the worm was freaky …

Image by Tom Gardiner, Senior Editor - Three If By Space

Here’s a picture of Jordan Gavaris because FELIX!

Next up were Maria Doyle Kennedy (Mrs. S) and the dearly departed Dylan Bruce (Paul).  Naturally, they talked about Paul’s heroic death and Bruce spoke a bit about being in the upcoming Heroes Reborn, but he couldn’t say much, not even his character’s name.  Kennedy talked about the honor of acting with Alison Steadman (Kendall Malone), a veteran of British television and film, and a woman she admires greatly.  Steadman’s Malone is not just the original DNA source for both Leda and Castor clones (she’s a chimera), but she’s also Mrs. S’ mother!

The last interview opportunity with with Ari Millen, the man behind the Castor clones.  He said one of the hardest things he’s ever had to do as an actor was to die with his eyes open.  Having to hold still and not blink for long periods of time were quite difficult to do, especially when you’ve got lights and cameras everywhere.  He also discusses the various clones he’s played, who was the most fun to play, and what the future might bring in the way of more Castor clones.  So far, Millen’s not been involved in learning new accents, but there’s always the chance.

And finally, we went out to the main floor area where all the attendees were treated to a Q&A session with the cast and creators.  As you can tell by the cheers, the fans were full of energy and the answers elicited many excited responses.  There were some truly funny stories and this event was a wonderful experience for any card-carrying Clone Club member.

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