SDCC Supernatural Interviews: These Go To Eleven

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Season Eleven of Supernatural promises to be a humdinger. Three if By Space SDCC attendees were able to ask a few questions about the show from several of the stars as well as the writers. We have learned that the Winchester’s will be battling an epic force throughout the season that has been labeled The Darkness.   There were few real assertions about what to expect from the coming season I think mainly because the show evolves as they film and as Jensen Ackles intimated the cast has only really seen and reviewed four episodes so there really was not any juicy morsel to pass on to their fans.

Many of the shirtless demands from the querents were shot down. I have to say that even though I acknowledge the attractive nature of the actors, I tune in for the storyline. I will also say that it was highly sexist and diminished the nature of the interviews. I was not there; I am only going on the video interviews I reviewed but I have to say, especially to the fan chicks, check yourself before you wreck yourself. No one appreciates being objectified, it can be funny in a meme but for someone to sit down to discuss your work and hear them demanding you be naked… really? Not cool. Nothing wrong with naked just keep it where it is appropriate. And don’t roll your eyes at me it’s not a lecture it’s the truth.

The short interviews of the cast and writers and producers provided an interesting take on the show. It was kind of like speed dating.  I found it odd to watch the actors as relaxed normal humans and not see them as the “evil-fighting,” always on edge, intense, heroes they play on the show. It makes me realize that there is much thought and attention put into the portrayal of their characters as well as own my own bias that these people are the characters.

Misha Collins who plays Castiel, the angel who fights alongside the brothers revealed that Cas is still struggling to reclaim his Grace to full proportion and recover from Rowena’s spell at the end of last season.   Misha also expounded upon g.i.s.h.w.h.e.s. which stands for the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen is a scavenger hunt, an event he hosts that you can compete in from anywhere in the world and even against famous people such as William Shatner. Watch the video on TiBS or check out their website to learn more.

Jeremy Carver writer and producer, spoke a bit more enthusiastically about the show and its direction for season eleven and promised that we would see progress within the sibling relationship that works toward resolving long standing issues. Sounds promising, let’s see if they can deliver. Mr. Carver also spoke of an episode revolving around Sam and his imaginary childhood friend. We shall see if it delivers. Much of the lore presented in Supernatural runs true to historical recounting however I am deeply disappointed in the blurring of Angelic/Demonic personae.

Andrew Dabb who writes for the show deflected many of the shirtless episode requests in excellent fashion. You can also see where Supernatural gets its humor and I applaud him for being a humorist. To wit however he could use a better verbal sparring partner to maximize the funny moments. I was a bit taken aback by the way he spoke of Mark Sheppard who plays Crowley, dismissing him as if he were no one important. I gather that the pair of them do not get along. After watching the interviews I understand why. I am interested to see how the episode that is based fully in the Impala works out – it is a definite challenge to write and not be able to change location to suit the situation. The Impala has already been defined as a place where the brothers often come to interpersonal crossroads as well as understanding so for it to embody an entire episode will be a challenge, and I look forward to seeing the end result.

Jensen Ackles discussed his part not only as an actor but as a director for some episodes of the show. I have always enjoyed watching episodes directed by those who act in any series because I believe it brings the fan more in line with the characters mostly because it is not just Jansen directing it is Dean crafting the shots as well.  Keep up the superlative work sir!  Jensen answered questions about demon Dean and his revamping of character to incorporate his relationships with characters who only knew him as Dean.

Jared Padalecki spoke high praises for his best friend Jensen as a director indicating he had a lot of trust in Ackles skills. Jared spoke of his own acting development within the show and how as an actor his immersion into the character can become intense. He touched briefly on the imaginary friend episode and confirmed what Jensen said that they had not seen the full script series.  Jared, who is an advocate of mental health awareness, garnered a fan tribute for his Always Keep Fighting campaign as fans held up LED candles during their group interview.  Jensen joked that someone was playing “Freebird” and then emotional reality hit, yes Jared, your voice is being heard and your message is being shared!  To support Jared and Jensen’s efforts to help those who battle the personal demon of depression you can visit:

Ten seasons strong and looking forward to their Tunfel season.

You can watch all of the interviews Three if By Space participated in here:

Tara Kidwell