The Messengers Ep 12 Review Spark of Hope

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The Messengers’ powers are tested as they attempt to rescue someone from government lockup. Meanwhile, Joshua has a vision foreshadowing the arrival of a deceptive new adversary.

Last week ended with our angels, hot on the trail of the 7th messenger. They have figured out that it has to be the guy who is in jail for terrorist actions on a plane. Zahir Zakaria shows up in Joshua’s vision with wings, so he is sure that he is the 7th. He also seems to have a power of his own. The group decides to go check him out as Joshua has a vision relating to another messenger, Christopher Dayton, the Eliza explains later. The vision takes him to this man’s gravestone and an atomic bomb goes off, then revealing a woman with an upside down face. Is she the false prophet, or the anti-christ?. This one needs more info to figure it out!  A whole lot of speculation is going around as to who this is. Theory is that the little girl, Amy is one or the other. Either false prophet or anti-christ, many feel she is involved because she has her own power and is drawing very evil things that she can’t remember. What do you think?

Who is like the beast, and who can fight against it?”


They all realize that any one of them could die in this journey to help mankind. Erin asks Raul to take care of Amy if anything happens to her. He agrees to do it and she also tells him that he should reveal to Nadia that he is her real father, before it is too late. Good call on that one, I’d want to know!


There is quite a little love thing going on with Nadia and Peter. Raul walks in on them and tells Peter to stay way, but I don’t see it happening. But the youngsters don’t realize that they may lose each other. Erin could die if she heals one more person, Koa is losing her memory of who she once was and everyone’s gifts are in jeopardy. They need to find  this messenger if they are to prevent the 5th seal from opening!

Vera uses her power to walk into the secured facility and explore for Zahir . She has only 6 minutes to complete this, then the others will try and get him out. As Zahir fights with the two gaurds, he looks up and can see Vera in her sleepwalking state!



Koa shape shifts and brings in Raul as a prisoner, but something goes wrong and she snaps out of it and doesn’t remember who she is! Things go wrong!


Meanwhile, while at the cemetery with Joshua, Eliza leaves her book of messengers by the grave as they talk. When she returns, it is missing and guess who has it!


Zahir tells Vera of what happened to him and she knows he is the 7th messenger now. She leaves him and the group tries to find Raul and Koa. Raul is getting roughed up by an agant at the holding facility. They get away but now have to find Koa.

Nadia has a problem of her own as the devil shows up asking questions about the drawings and the little girl Amy. The group finds Koa and she remembers them, they release Zahir. There a shootout ensues and Zahir uses his electrical powers to help them all escape.

Joshua arrives to find the devil with Nadia and Amy and tells him to leave as Amy shows them her newest drawing!


Peter has been shot and is in need of urgent saving as Erin does her best to heal him. Now that they have found the 7th messenger, they are good to go with all of their powers.

Amy can’t remember drawing the huge lake of fire from hell.  The devil shows up with Eliza’s book. Eliza demands it back. He explains that the book will allow him to find his protege at an early age, but also, the books tells how the anti-christ can be destroyed. She will not help him, so he sets her up for being kidnapped! Now who the heck is this? Tell me what you think. Watch the series finale tonight!!!

Tonight’s Finale Teaser

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