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Dark Matter Episode 9 Sneak Peek – Four Pulls a Waldo

Image courtesy Syfy

Dorky is the new cool (Image courtesy Syfy)

It’s time to un-box all the supplies our gang purchased(?) at their last space station stop and their shopping list includes some … let’s just say, interesting, items.  Five has a box of tech goodies that make her happy, but not nearly as happy as the welding goggles she nabbed.  She thinks they’re cool.  Two?  Not so much.  Five’s also sporting a new outfit, so I guess they all stopped by Space Macy’s (Spacy’s?) on the Mall Level.

Six came up with some actual, real meat to eat for a change.  No more mealworms, at least for now.  He also shows Two that he restocked their protein bar supply to which she gives a decidedly unenthusiastic grunt.  Let’s just hope he didn’t buy any of those fishy-tasting blue ones or Three’s going to have a fit.

One’s got the box of medical supplies with the usual antibiotics, bandages, and the like.  But when he pulls out a bottle of little blue pills, Three quickly snatches them up claiming they’re his.  Hmm, I’ve seen the commercials that air during Dark Matter and little blue pills are all the rage.  Does Three have something he’d like to share with the class?  No need to be embarrassed, it’s not your fault.  But hey, at least Three remembered to bring whiskey for those fun semi-inebriated talks around the table.

But where’s Four?  He’s not aboard the Raza and his sword is missing, too.  That means he’s planning on needing it.  Watch the sneak peek to see why.

Clip description:

The team checks their supplies and finds that Four has abandoned ship … and he might be in some major trouble.

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