Gangsta 1×01 “Naughty Boys” Review

The first episode of Gangsta keeps viewers interested and leaves you with plenty of questions. For example, what is a Tag? We know that this is one of the main things that make Nicolas so special. However, we still have not been filled in on what it specifically means. In addition, we never got much of a backstory for Nicolas and Worick. We only know that they are known as the Handymen. They perform various jobs that range from handling packages to beating up or even killing various thugs.
“Naughty Boys” did not do what most anime shows do for the first episode. Instead, we are given the information that we need throughout the series. This is a great way to keep viewers entertained. In addition, it provides a fresh way to introduce us to the world of Gangsta. The English voice acting for Gangsta fits in well with the rest of the show. In fact, you may recognize the voice of Worick Arcangelo. The voice actor is Ian Sinclair, who also voices Zapp from Blood Blockade Battlefront.


Most of “Naughty Boys” takes place in alleyways, which might explain why the city is always so empty during most of the episode. The only people we really see are the people who have some sort of part in the story. Everything looks extremely realistic. I loved this animation style. I suppose things have to look realistic when you are watching a story about real world violence and mafia members.


Gangsta centers around Nicolas and Worick. I love the fact that Nicolas is deaf but the creators trust the viewers to figure it out for themselves. It has become a part of his character but it is not what makes him special. In fact, his identity as a Tag (whatever that means) is what really makes him a force to be reckoned with. I love the way this duo is set up. Worick does most of the talking while Nicolas does most of the killing. Their encounter with the police at the end of the episode is a good example of this.


The cops give them a job of cleaning up a small group of criminals. An abused prostitute was on this list. However, Nicolas and Worick refused to kill her. When the cop they were working with got angry about their refusal to follow orders, Nicolas makes it very clear that they do not take orders from anyone. They expect to be respected instead of being treated like lap dogs. While Nicolas used intimidation to get his point across, Worick used his charm to smooth things over.


Not every little detail is explained in Gangsta. Instead, we are given hints concerning what is going on in this world. We still do not know what a Tag is and we still do not know who the four crime families are. However, I know that we will receive more information with each new episode. Gangsta gives us plenty of action to make up for the lack of information that viewers are sure to desire.


Gangsta also made those who are a part of the crime world more human. Alex is portrayed as more than just another prostitute in a world of mob families and violence. We constantly see her deal with abuse from her clients and from her abusers. What made her even more human was her reaction to the death of her boss.


Overall, Gangsta is a fresh new anime series from Funimation that is definitely worth your time. You will enjoy Worick’s sarcasm and you will enjoy seeing Nicolas do what he does best. Anyone who can take on gunmen with just a sword is definitely worth learning more about.

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