Humans – Ep 8 – Season Finale

By: Donna Cohrs
amc finale Humans

You’ll give us consciousness, but take away our free will.”

That pretty much sums up the idea of what Hobb wanted to do with our beloved synths. This was a really good series! I thought that the finale was great. It left me wanting more of the story. What did you think?

Hobb had taken away all the synths from the Hawkins home and planned on deleting all the “bad” stuff from their codes. We felt for them as they were all confined to a strange round bed in a lab area to be worked on. As much as science fiction was the key in this series, race, honor and family were at the forefront here. Half-human Leo tries to get all the synths to link up and run the program code his father David created, but their attempt fails. They’re doing it in order to save Max. They need Karen to make it work and she won’t do it. 4Karen overhears Hobb telling Leo that he will be experimented upon since he is half human. She sees the danger to Leo here, and starts changing her mind about the whole deal. While Leo is in a holding cell, she talks to him. “Humanity is not a state. It’s a quality,” he says before telling Karen that Max, who’s a machine, has more humanity than anyone he’s ever met. Karen isn’t into helping them so it is up to the Hawkins family to come to the rescue.

They have turn into spies and comrades and this gives me great joy to see. They see what the problems are and that they can honestly help to rectify the situation. The Hawkins see the synths now for what they really are, family. Mattie knows that if they can get Leo’s laptop out of the truck, then she can backup Leo’s memories that are stored on the device. The memories can  be used as a bargaining ploy to get the synths back. Pete, who shows up at the house, helps them in the hopes of getting some answers about Karen, Mattie and Toby make a run for it. They steal the laptop and disappear with Pete while Laura tells the police chief that he should call Hobb. She wants a few words with him.6Mattie is able to get all of Leo’s memories off the laptop and emails them to her mom. This shows extreme sensiblity on their part. They are both so strong and show show much compassion for this family of synths. We have seen them grow from being weirded out and scared about these artificial beings, to being motherly towards them and helping save them. Wow! This has been a good lesson for all of us. Laura is the strongest and when Hobb shows up, she shows him photos and tells him he can have the memories as long as he releases the synths. Hobb release them. When they all meet at a designated area, they soon find that the police are on their trail. It seems that Fred has been implanted with a tracking device by Hobb. They are able to escape and meet at a march against synths in the area. Leo convinces Karen to meet with them so that they can heal Max. Once they all link up, Karen starts corrupting the source code. Mia convinces her otherwise and they are able to save Max. The consciousness code brings back Max, but is much to dangerous for just anyone to keep. Niska gives the backup copy to Laura to keep safe. Karen refuses to stay with them and the reunion doesn’t last long.

12Niska decides she wants to start living her life alone and there are tearful goodbyes all around. While they all gather to leave there are very touching moments with Laura and Mia. This has really come full circle and I am no longer thinking of them as machines or robots. I have seen the humanity in these synths, they are not much different from us. The synths leave and the Hawkins family go back to their home and act normally, barring the Sophie is playing at being Mia, pretending to be a synth. The ending appears to be a cliff hanger of sorts, as we see Niska on a train, looking at a hard drive.

19This has been a very good story. The character development was great. The storyline ramped up in every episode. It is no wonder why AMC gave it a season 2. I am glad for it and hope you are too!. If you haven’t watched Humans, you need to binge watch it!  I promise you will love it. Let me know what you think! I will leave you with a video of one of my favorite scenes.



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