iZombie Writer Diane Ruggiero at San Diego Comic Con

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Diane Ruggerio is most known for her work on Veronica Mars. She has worked as a co-producer/writer on other shows such as Bates Motel and The Ex-List. Her newest endeavor is The CW’s iZombie, which has become a huge hit. Recently finishing up season one with a big twist we talk about what’s in store for Liv and the rest of the cast in season two.

*Spoilers* Season two is going to be a lot of Liv dealing with the fact that her secret is out and how people are handling that.  They have a new character in the works and Ruggiero mentions that we saw a bit of them in the prior season. She comments on how there was no pressure for from D.C/Vertigo about any aspect of their take on iZombie, she says they were all respectful and excited to see what she and Rob Thomas (creator) had in store for the characters. She also talks about how Chris Roberson and Mike Allred, the creators of the comic book, have been really into it.  Ruggiero says she’s relieved because if they didn’t like it she’d be miserable!

She couldn’t tell us anything about the second season, because of course that would spoil a lot, but she could say that we will be seeing a lot more of Max Rager this time around.  Ruggiero also talked about how she knew that there was going to be a lot of romance between Liv and Major, but when they cast Rahul Kohli as Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti she knew they had to do something with his “love story” she says “He kind of changed the game because you can’t have him and then be like ‘I’m the dorky video guy who never gets laid’ because you know the second he leaves the house…”.  She says that you have to play him to that because it’s more believable. She also says we will be seeing more of Detective Clive Babineaux’s (Malcolm Goodwin) personal life this season as well.

As far as the length of this season she says they may get 22 episodes, which is exciting but it’s hard to judge exactly where things are going to go.  Ruggiero and Thomas both enjoy answering questions at the end of the season so she is slightly worried that they’ll answer the questions too early, but of course we all know that won’t happen!  She says that she feels as though shorter shows are easier to binge watch and that the writing is very succinct.  As far as season two and its relation to the comic book, Ruggiero states that they’re not going to deviate from what they already have going on.  She says she does not want to bring the rest of the unnatural world into the story (Were-terriers, ghosts, etc) because what they’re doing works perfectly for them.

Ruggiero discussed how lucky they were having the opportunity to adapt the show to the way they wanted it to be.  She says the added pressures of having to remain 100% canon weren’t there because the fan-base was open to the “anything goes” mindset, which for her was really cool. Ruggiero also said that the approach to the brains this year is going to be different, they’re amping up what they do with Liv and how they have her act. She noticed that when Liv was “a sociopath” people just asked “is she just in a bad mood, what’s going on?” but when she played the cheerleader or stoner it was much more clear as to what was happening.

iZombie airs Tuesday, October 6th on The CW!

This season seems as though it is going to be very ambitious and exciting.  We’re going to delve into how Liv handles the knowledge of her being a zombie and I’m sure we’ll see some interesting dynamic change!


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