Killjoys Ep. 8 Preview: Come the Rain – Don’t Stay and Play in It!

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What a day for Johnny to not be packing! In this sneak peek of Friday’s episode, “Come the  Rain,” the rain isn’t something you want to go out and play in, it’s more like “rain rain GO AWAY!” As a toxic chemical rain starts, three people are condemned to be left out in it until dead. Pawter is stopped from leaving the Royale (Pree’s bar – had you ever caught its name?) – does the lovely Pawter have an addiction she needs to feed? And Johnny tries to keep her and Pree safe when an alert comes down about an ID thief who happens to be sitting at the bar.

Enjoying Killjoys? It’s one of my favorite summer shows. If you want to help the show have a chance at a second season, tweet @SyfyTV using #RenewKilljoys! Live tweet along with us when the show airs on Friday nights, either during the East Coast or the West Coast airing – it’s fun! Several of the show’s stars tweet along and make it a party.

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Erin Conrad