Outlander: Matt Roberts Does an Early Morning Q and A

Matt Roberts, Outlander writer and producer, did an impromptu, unscheduled Q&A early this morning for the UK and Aussie crowd, but I’m sure you’d all like to see what he had to say! So here it is:

Q When will we get to see Season 2 footage?
A Once Season 2 airs… Starz will announce the dates.

Q Which episodes are you writing this season?
A Writing Eps 6, 9 and co-writing Ep 13.

Q When will you wrap up the filming for Season 2?
A Wrap up filming in early part of 2016.

Q Your work schedule is craziness. When you have free time what do you like to do?
A Free time: sleep… ride stationary bike… and photography.

Q You are an extremely talented photographer as well as writer. Which do you find more relaxing?
A Photography is way more relaxing.

Q Which talent did you discover first, writing or photography?
A I was given my camera at five years old, so I’d have to say photograpy.

Q (from Maril Davis) When are you going to direct an episode?
A I’m 2nd unit directing… enjoying that.

Q Any chance you might APPEAR in an episode?
A Probably not… I’d have to shave and i’m not ready to do that just yet.

Q Are you more football or rugby?
A I really love all sport… American football, baseball, football,etc.

Q How long does it take to write an episode?
A 2 weeks for the first draft… then rewrite as we go.

Q Did Jamie really flip Dougal over his shoulder during the shinty game in The Gathering?
A Yes he did flip Dougal.

Q Do you know if there are any prospects for the characters of Roger and Brianna? Just wondered if the search was still on.
A I do know about casting, but I cannot share that info… sorry. Starz will announce once we’ve cast the roles.

Q If you could work on any show past, present or future (other than Outlander), what would it be?
A I would have loved to have written for Seinfeld, Wonder Years and Columbo.

Q Have you any plans in visiting Australia? Lots of beautiful places to see and we have AFL!
A I would love to visit Australia and NZ. Tops on my wish list.

Q Could you please describe Season 2 in a few words to get us viewers excited?
A Wait… so you’re not already excited for season 2?

Q What led you to become a writer?
A My grandfather.

Q Did you always know that you wanted to be a writer?
A I knew I wanted to be a storyteller, whether that be with a pen or a camera. Thankfully I can feed myself with a pen.

Q What’s been the biggest challenge with Season 2 to date?
A Starting completely over with new sets and costumes. But it’s amazing!

Q Has writing Outlander changed your life in a personal way?
A Outlander has given me the chance to meet some of the loveliest people.

Q Prague is such a beautiful city. Will you be there when they film there? If so, I hope you take photos!
A Yes, I’ll be there… with my camera! :-{)

Q Any chance of a BTS pic with some actors in it?
A I won’t show any spoiler BTS photos just yet. Later once we start airing.. Wouldn’t want to ruin the surprises.

Q do you ever get writer’s block? How do you “fix” it?
A Of course I get writer’s block. Best way for me to fix is reading and research. Maybe a wee dram…

Q Have you filmed any episodes that you’ve written yet?
A Filming one now.

Q Have you read all of the Outlander books?
A Yes I have, long before I was hired to work on the show.

Q Are you able to say how many episodes have been shot so far? How many will be on location, or in studio?
A Five so far, all episodes have studio and location sets interior and exterior.

Q Are you involved in shooting episodes other than those you’ve written?
A All the writers/producers are involved with every episode. We’re like a big team. We share ideas, notes, etc.

Q Were there any parts of the book this season you requested personally to write,as you are a book fan too?
A I wanted to write Ep. 6. You’ll see why when it airs.

Q Do you have a favorite book in the series?
A I like Voyager. But it’s kinda like asking me which child I like best.

Q What gives you the inspiration to write some scenes in a certain way, apart from the book?
A I call upon everything: history, my experiences, others’ experiences, art, music, etc. Essentially – Life.

Q Do you get seasick?
A I get verra seasick.

Q If you could play a part in Outlander, who would you choose and why?
A Bouton, c’mon… he’s awesome.

Q Dreading or looking forward to filming in the colonies?
A Hold your horses… we can only dream that far out.

Q Starz needs to lock you all down for another couple seasons. Don’t know what they are waiting on.
A You should be my agent.

Q Are there ever disagreements, arguments, fights in writer’s room over story/script/adaptation, etc? Be honest.
A Yes/yes/yes.

Q Favourite type of cookie?
A Monster.

Q What do you bring to the writing and production team taht is unique or different from the rest of your colleagues?
A Wow, you sound like you’re interviewing me for the job… Well, I sport a dashing Van Dyke beard.

Q Have you shot much with wee Romann Berrux (who plays young Fergus)? Is the set different when children are there?
A Yes, he makes us act our age.

Q What would you like to work on after Outlander?
A My tan.

Q If you could trade jobs with someone on set for a day, who would it be?
A I’d like to be a camera operator for a day.

Q Could you please tell us how many episodes are planned for Season 2?
A Lucky 13.

Q What creature comforts from the US do you miss the most?
A My family.

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