Teen Wolf: Lies of Omission 5×09 Preview

As Scott continuously attempts to stop The Dread Doctors, he seems to be digging himself a deeper and deeper hole. Now he can sense that something has changed in the group, be it because of himself or due to someone else. Unfortunately, he’s not wrong. Something has changed and Scott is definitely going to need help to stop The Dread Doctors and bring the pack back together. Who will he turn to for help? Meanwhile, Stiles and Lydia have finally discovered the body thief, will they finally learn what Parrish has been up to and what he’s doing with all those bodies? Besides a corpse tea party, of course. Tune in next week to “Lies of Omission” to see if this mystery is finally solved and what’s in store for the pack on Teen Wolf!

Teen Wolf airs Monday at 10/9c on MTV.

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