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Teen Wolf: Lies of Omission 5×09 Review

With “Lies of Omission.” Teen Wolf has really begun to set us up for the midseason finale with the biggest (and most dreaded) problem of the night: Scott found out about Donovan. Of course, there was much more to it than that and this resulted in Scott turning into a total asshat while a whole host of calamities fell around them. I won’t get into them all, but in essence, Theo is an asshat and his asshatiness is rubbing off on Scott. Scott is a gullible asshat. Stiles should’ve told Scott before asshat Theo had a chance to do it for him. Liam and Hayden had a few moments, good and bad. Chimeras died. Malia didn’t like it, ran off and isn’t around right now. Hayden had a doctor’s visit. Theo has until the Super Moon to do something. Parrish and Lydia found the nemeton and figured out something about Parrish…sort of. While Sherrif Stilinski used his mad investigative skills to find out about Donovan….sort of. And did I mention Theo is an asshat?

So let’s get into the big issue that has been haunting my nightmares since the season began: Scott’s and Stiles’ rift. This was hinted at way in the beginning of the season when Theo first showed up and Stiles refused to trust him while Scott sort of argued against Stiles’ unwillingness to do so. Stiles was proven right in his suspicions early on. Theo is bad. Nobody should ever like Theo, let alone trust him, but the damn bastard is good at manipulations and lies. Too good. Shortly after distrusting Theo, they had a bonding moment and Stiles even came around to the dark side, confiding in him about Donovan and his fear that this would break up his friendship with Scott. Stiles still didn’t tell Scott, though Theo had even suggested it. Maybe that was part of his manipulation, either way, tonight Theo stuck the knife in and twisted and twisted it to ensure this epic friendship would be ruined. Asshat.

He not only turned Stiles’ self-defense into a twisted murder filled with rage and bashing Donovan’s head in, but made himself the innocent party in it all. Worse yet, Scott believed it! That’s right, he believed that Stiles, of all people, bashed Donovan’s head in after Donovan had already given up. It’s no surprise that Theo told Scott (damn you, Stiles, you should’ve told him yourself). In fact, I expected that to happen a lot sooner. The biggest surprise is Scott’s unwavering trust in Theo, which, I suppose is why he didn’t tell Scott sooner. Yeah, sure, Theo’s been working on gaining his trust this season. He’s been working everyone, even Stiles’ dad, but that shouldn’t have been enough for Scott to give up on Stiles like that. Scott has known Stiles for so long that he just should’ve known better. He didn’t really get Stiles’ side of it either. He only asked if Stiles killed Donovan. Stiles assumed he knew how it happened, so of course, he admitted to it, but Scott never asked for an explanation after that. He never asked what happened. He just blamed Stiles for being a murderous psycho that didn’t merely cross a line, but jumped on it, did a little jig, and then kept going…or more to the point, kept beating Donovan’s head in. Things got messy after this. Stiles asked Scott to believe him and Scott basically told Stiles to f*** off. This destroyed the feelings of all the fans as well as Stiles…which may take some time to get over. Will Sciles be able to recover from this? Even if Scott comes to realize what really happened, will Stiles be able to forgive Scott for being so quick to believe Theo’s story and that he could even do something like that? I know I wouldn’t, but then again, I do have trust issues.

While “Lies of Omission” may have damaged the feels of many fans, it also revealed a couple of little things about Theo and Parrish. The biggest thing is that Theo is clearly not working for the doctors. Okay, that was noted before, but tonight it was more obvious. Theo has made a deal with the doctors and though they scare him, he is not really working for them. In exchange for a pack, which doesn’t involve Scott, he’s helping the doctors make a successful chimera that will sap Scott’s power, or that’s what I’ve garnered from it. Perhaps his plan with Hayden is to see if Scott’s bite is the key to a successful change or maybe Theo’s decided Hayden will be part of his pack along with Liam and Malia and as such, he needs her to be a werewolf. This means he needs Scott to bite her, since Scott is the alpha and Theo is nothing but a worthless, sneaky, manipulative asshat. Once this happens, he’ll either have his pack or a successful chimera and be able to take over Scott’s flailing leadership. Why the doctors need Scott’s power, however, is unclear (at least to me). Maybe they can’t fully occupy this world (hence all the jumpy, skipping and rehydrating injections) and need Scott’s power to fully revive. There is also the mention of the Super Moon a few times tonight. I assume, this is what it’s leading up to, so what happens on the Super Moon?

At least Scott wised up for one thing and didn’t bite Hayden, but Theo still has time to trick him into it.

Also, unrelated to the events of “Lies of Omission” are Lydia and Parrish’s storyline. While hell was breaking loose at the high school, Lydia and Parrish were on their own mission to find the nemeton and missing chimeras. This was actually a success (for a change), but the mystery remains on what Parrish is and why there are hundreds of bodies in the nemeton. Lydia determined that Parrish seems to be stealing bodies to keep the secret of the supernatural safe. There are a few theories going around about Parrish, from hellhound to phoenix to dragon. I’ve changed my mind a few times on that. What do you think Parrish is and why do you think he’s hell bent on stealing and burning the bodies? It’s connected to the nemeton, but is another supernatural being or the nemeton itself somehow controlling Parrish to keep the secret of the supernatural safe?

On that note, he’s got one hell of a job, there. It almost seems pointless to take the bodies, if you ask me. I’m surprised anyone in Beacon Hills can remain truly oblivious with everything that has happened and all the deaths…especially the mysterious nature behind most of them. Those have got to be some of the most screwed up people with all their friends and family constantly dying. Scott mentioned that no one is talking in the opening of tonight’s episode, like they know something is going to happen…maybe they’re all just really screwed up because of what has already happened!

As the mystery behind Parrish’s origin is nothing new, we may have a long wait before learning the truth. Until then, we’ll just have to focus on the pack’s troubles and wait for them to finally work together instead of apart…and to realize Theo’s true nature and DESTROY HIM UTTERLY! Mwahahaha! ….or let the doctors do it.

Teen Wolf airs Mondays at 10/9c on MTV.

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