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Teen Wolf: Ouroboros 5×08 Review

Keeping up with the theme of creepiness and terror, “Ouroboros” fits right in to the rest of this season of Teen Wolf… and as much as I love this show and all it’s creepy goodness, I’m beginning to miss some of the charm from previous seasons. The silly moments that allowed for snark and laughter. The Sciles camaraderie. Even the boring old school life. Season five kicked off with an intense start with Lydia in Eichen House and has barely given us time to breath since then! There have been so few Scott and Stiles moments I feel Sciles withdrawal setting in…and don’t even get me started on the serious lack of Stiles’ humor this season. I’m all for the great acting Dylan O’Brien is providing in all the serious scenes, but I miss that snark!

Okay, that being said, if “Ouroboros” did one thing, it proved that Scott is in dire need of some guidance. His typically cool head has been replaced by a hot one as he’s gone charging into action, which has only lead to greater failure. As Lydia and Stiles pointed out, he needs to take a step back to figure things out instead of just charging into the situation head first. As it is, he ended up going straight into the lion’s den with only two other people to help him save Liam, one of whom has no supernatural powers or real knowledge of that world as of yet. Lucky for them all, they only ended up playing Marco Polo (or Liam Hayden) for a while in some tunnels and nothing worse happened. But his hot-headed pursuit of the wholly unknown entity that are the Dread Doctors opened Liam’s and Hayden’s rescue up to Theo of all people! When a pack is looking to the alpha to lead and all he’s managed to do is take them further down the rabbit hole and into greater failures, it’s only a matter of time before they begin to look to someone else for their guidance…and so far Theo has begun to fill that void, which makes me wonder, is that Theo’s game? Is Theo looking to replace Scott as the alpha? He certainly seems to be working the wise, savior angle well-enough for that goal, if that’s the case. Of course, I don’t think that is his goal at all, but I could be wrong. I do suck at solving puzzles like this.

As I mentioned last week, Scott isn’t the only one off his game as Stiles is continuing down a dark path due to Donovan’s death. As more details are revealed about the library incident, he had to lie to his dad again. Adding to Stiles’ difficulties is Stilinski senior taking a major turn from fun parent working with the other fun parent to solve the chimera mystery straight into head asshole of Dickville. Seriously, what was up with Sheriff Stilinski tonight? Yes, I get that someone was murdered, but it was a chimera, it was most likely in self-defense (as far as he would know) and he’s well aware that his son is neck deep in all of this crap, so what does he do? Cracks down on it and has Kira arrested. Really? With that dick move Stilinski senior went from father of the year to asshole of the week. Not only that, if he’s being so hard on any form of crime, even that most likely done in self-defense (as far as he knows), how could he ever expect his son to come to him with his problems? Now Stiles is basically alone with one confidant in it all. And it’s Theo.

Then there’s Kira. She was finally able to read the book thanks to her mom’s suggestion (that’s how it’s supposed to work, Sheriff Stilinski. You help your kids, you don’t alienate them.) Not only has Kira realized she was visited by the doctors, they had her struck by lightning. To what effect, I’m not sure, but whatever they did has caused Kira’s kitsune side to take over…for the worse. She may (or may not have) killed the girl on Melissa McCall’s table, which caused Sheriff Stilinski to pull the asshole move of the night and have her locked up. This, in turn, caused Kira’s dad to confess (another example of supportive parenting), forcing the Sheriff to lock him up instead, and in the end of it all, Kira realized she is a problem and has officially abandoned Beacon Hills…and Scott. Sorry Scira fans, it may be a while before your next Scira fix, but at least she won’t be trying to kill Scott…yet. I wonder if the kitsune is a threat to The Dread Doctors, so they took her out as a precaution to keep from her interference with their dreadful plans?

And of course, I can’t leave off without mentioning Dr. Deaton’s little discovery and the final words uttered by Malia’s mom aka The Desert Wolf. As you know, Malia had a vision of her mom shooting at her, which caused the accident that resulted in her sister’s death among other calamities. When Dr. Deaton heads to a foreign land for some answers and finds the clue to The Dread Doctor’s, he finds more than he bargained for when The Desert Wolf shows up. Not surprisingly, she doesn’t appear to be all that nice and when she inquires about her daughter’s well-being, she is disappointed at the possibility that Malia is still alive. That’s right. Malia’s mom wants her dead, but why? I guess we’ll just have to wait until next week to find that out….maybe.

If you have any theories regarding any of the events from tonight’s episode or this season in general, feel free to share them! I’d love to hear your thoughts about it!

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