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Teen Wolf: Ouroboros Episode 8 Preview

With so many things that happened tonight in “Strange Frequencies” this week will be a tough act to follow!

(“Strange Frequencies” SPOILERS FOLLOWING)

After such a woefully unsuccessful plan, Liam and Hayden are missing and so is the most recently murdered chimera. Theo has begun to gain Stiles trust (so wrong) and the entire group experienced a mass hallucination which resulted in Lydia losing her tongue and Scott being killed by Kira. Okay, so that was the hallucination that prevented the pack from carrying out their plans, but it did at least prove that Stiles isn’t going to die in that fiery crash and Kira’s not out to kill Scott….yet. Meanwhile, the group was thwarted by a seemingly sleep-walking Parrish, nearly at the expense of Stiles’ life, and someone was left for Mrs. McCall with a sword through the chest on the kitchen table. Was it another hallucination or something else?

Perhaps we’ll find out next week as Scott and Malia work together to track down the missing friends, while “Deaton discovers something horrific about The Dread Doctors.” What do you think it is?


Teen Wolf airs Monday at 10/9c on MTV.

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