Teen Wolf: Sneak Peek and Ouroboros Bloopers

This season of Teen Wolf has moved along pretty quickly and now, with just two episodes left, the season is revving up for an explosive midseason finale. Everything has been building up over the last few episodes as the pack has attempted to solve the mystery behind The Dread Doctors and stop them from murdering more people, but with every answer they’ve reached, they’ve found more difficult problems to solve. With hints about Malia’s mom, Stiles’ trouble over Donovan and the evil, tricksy Theo sticking his nose in absolutely everything, these last two episodes have a lot to wrap up and are sure to be intense.

Monday’s “Ouroboros” left us a kitsune short while Scott finally realized the change that has happened in his pack (I blame Theo). Adding to that, the sneak peek below reveals Theo’s connection to Scott is stronger than ever while Scott’s relationship with Stiles has fractured over Donovan’s death. How will Scott react when he learns of Stiles’ role in killing Donovan? Will Scott or Stiles be able to mend the fractures in their relationship or is this the end of Sciles? Check out the quick sneak peek below and tell me what you think Teen Wolf has in store for the final episodes of the summer!

With just two episodes left, it doesn’t look like Teen Wolf will be providing a great deal of comedic relief this summer. Fortunately for us, MTV’s After After Show has stepped in to fill the void and provided some bloopers from Monday’s episode, so take a break, sit back, relax and enjoy some goofs before getting back to pondering the mysteries season five has left us…so far.

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