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Teen Wolf: Stalia Works, Too

As a fan of Stydia, I honestly haven’t paid much attention to the relationship Stiles currently has with Malia. I’ll admit that I have, at times, been perfectly fine with the idea of these two breaking up if it means room for Stydia to happen. Don’t get me wrong, I like Malia. Her strength and straight-forward attitude have been a welcome addition to the show, so I definitely don’t want her to leave. I just wouldn’t mind if the relationship between Lydia and Stiles developed into something more and since it would be out of character for Stiles to cheat on Malia, that relationship would have to end before he started one with Lydia.

After a recent post about Stydia, however, a fan of Stalia was kind enough to point out some of the salient points that make Malia compatible for Stiles (maybe even more so than Lydia, yeah, I said it). I won’t go so far as to say that I’ve changed my mind about Stydia. Let’s not get crazy here! But I will say that this fan made some good points and I can definitely see why Stalia works, too.

I do have to admit that they are cute together. Like in this video:

Okay, so that was just a dream sequence, but knowing Malia and Stiles, it could happen (and probably has since then.) This shows the interaction between these two is fun and laid-back and that is so much better than seriousness and drama. Also, Stiles’ intelligence works with Malia’s strength. They balance each other out, in a way, as Stiles solves the puzzles and comes up with strategies while Malia does the fighting. And she’s good at it, as we saw early on in this season when she was up against the chimera, Tracey. This makes them a pretty good team. Malia also has a strong connection to Stiles due to her time in the wild and his assistance in bringing her back and helping her acclimate to the human world once again. It’s this connection that has allowed Stiles and Malia to grow closer and for both to open up to each other.

Also, while I hate to admit it, Stiles and Lydia have reached a point of friendship that a relationship could affect. That’s not to say a relationship would be detrimental to their established connection, but it could go either way. It’s their friendship that makes the possibility of a relationship a great possibility, but that dynamic and spark could be loss if Lydia and Stiles formed a relationship… it could either make their connection stronger or damage the dynamic that currently exists. Stiles and Malia, however, are already in a relationship and neither have become particularly annoying through it. Their dynamic has strengthened and improved as they’ve grown closer in this relationship. A break-up between the two could also damage Malia’s presence in the pack as it did when Allison and Scott broke up. Things would get awkward. Friendships would be damaged and people would leave. I like Stydia, but I don’t want anyone to leave.

In essence, I can see why Malia’s relationship works well with Stiles and how Stydia could be a problem at this point. Their personalities, strengths and weaknesses mesh very well and this has allowed Malia’s (as well as Stiles’) character to grow. She also adds a bit of humor to the show and that is always welcome! Since I like Malia, I wouldn’t want a breakup to affect the friendships she’s already established or Malia’s development and presence in the pack.

That being said, I’m still a Stydia fan. While I was never hugely invested in Lydia from the start of the show, her character development over the seasons has made her one of my favorites…even if she could stand to have even more character development and stronger storylines. I adore Lydia’s connection with Stiles and think they would be great together. As long as it happens naturally and doesn’t feel forced, it could work. Though I am pro-Stalia to a point, I am pro-Stydia more.

Maybe Stiles should just go back to being single, so we can enjoy Stiles as Stiles while Malia’s and Lydia’s characters develop in their own right without one of the guys dictating their presence and importance on the show.

And by all means, they really need to stop trying to put Lydia with Parrish! Now that is awkward.

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