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Teen Wolf: Stiles’ Name and Stydia

It’s been five seasons and in all that time, Stiles’ name has remained one of the biggest mysteries of Teen Wolf. If you were paying any attention (or you’re just a generally obsessed nutter like myself) then you were quick to note one of the biggest clue to Stiles’ name dropped in “Ouroboros” on Monday. After lying to his dad, yet again, about Donovan, we got a glimpse of Stiles’ “lost” library card shortly before he tossed it and on that card was his first name…or at least his first name’s initial: M.

M. Stilinski from

M. Stilinski from

That’s right, Stiles’ first name starts with an M. I personally think it is Miles, because it fits. Miles Stilinksi could easily be morphed into Stiles, right? Of course, I’m probably wrong. Have I mentioned how bad I am at solving puzzles and guessing things? What do you think it could be?

EDIT: Thanks to a fellow fan and commenter, I have been reminded that Coach had previously mentioned Stiles’ name is difficult to pronounce, so Miles is out! Unless, of course, the coach has more issues than we realized. And with that, I’m drawing a complete blank on any possibilities!

While the season may be winding down to the midseason finale, it has definitely left us with some great hints, clues and moments with Stiles. From his name to his relationships, friendships and family, Teen Wolf has provided us with plenty of great things throughout the years, and to top it off, this season has been filled with some of the best Stydia moments yet. (I’m still hoping this happens before the season ends!) Of course, Stydia has been long in the making, so check out “The Road to Senior Year” recap video below (you can find more on MTV’s youtube channel) of some of the best scenes with Stiles and Lydia from the past five seasons and tune in Monday for an all-new episode of Teen Wolf.

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