Teen Wolf: Strange Frequencies Ep 5×07 Review

Tonight’s episode of Teen Wolf was filled with bad plans and gruesome hallucinations along with some of that Stiles’ snark we’ve all come to know and love. Tonight, when Liam discovers that gum girl, Hayden is actually a chimera, he goes to Scott for help. Scott comes up with the brilliant plan of using her for bait, but unlike previous seasons, he’s been mostly going it alone. That means no help from parental figures and with no Derek, Dr. Deaton or Mr. Argent to offer sage advice or assistance, they were pretty much setting themselves up for failure…and needless to say, they failed. Miserably.

This season seems to be focusing in on the major trust issues going around in the group, so that just adds to the problems they’ve got in facing The Dread Doctors. You’d think this would be a good time to step back, do some more investigating, enlist some help, but instead, they dive straight into the fire and use Hayden as bait. Assuming the doctors operate on a frequency, the pack determines that they can disrupt that frequency to weaken the doctors or at least hold them off, but the doctors prove stronger than ever as they take the school… and Liam and Hayden while they’re at it. Scott, I have to say, has been messing up with his alpha leadership skills this season and I can’t help but think it’s in part because of the rift forming between him and Stiles.

If you think about it, Stiles has always helped and been the one who figured out the tough puzzles most of the time, but ever since he killed Donovan, he’s been off his game. We haven’t seen him spending a whole lot of time at the drawing board, connecting the dots…with string. Whenever he could offer assistance, he’s been preoccupied with hiding Donovan’s death. He’s been so worried about damaging his friendship with Scott that he’s actually begun to do the damage by keeping his secret. I hate to admit it, but I agree with Theo, Stiles needs to talk to Scott. Their conversation begins to get a little into the philosophical area of whether it’s ever okay to take a life, but ultimately, I think that Stiles killing Donovan in self-defense as he did is something Scott would understand. Maybe not the whole feeling good about it part, but Scott wouldn’t hold it against Stiles. Unlike Theo, Stiles didn’t have any other choice when he killed Donovan. It was more or less an accident, so TELL SCOTT ALREADY, DANG IT!

That being said, Theo not only gave Stiles some good advice, but he saved him, too. Most surprisingly was why Stiles needed to be saved. As Lydia’s tongue was getting torn from her body and Scott was being murdered by Kira, Stiles was having a heart-to-heart with Theo when suddenly Parrish, of all people, flips the vehicle over and leaves it burn…with Stiles still inside…unconscious. Lydia’s vision came true, but the next part was not expected, Theo put the fire out and pulled Stiles from the wreckage, saving his life. Yay for that, but what is Theo’s overall plan with Scott and the pack? He’s obviously working for or with the doctors. He’s clearly a seriously messed up sort of evil that is barely comprehensible, yet he’s bonding with all of them and gaining their trust. For what purpose?

Though “Strange Frequencies” may not have answered any questions about Theo or The Dread Doctors, it did, at least, reveal a few things, much to the relief of all Kira and Scott fans (Scira?) as well as Stiles fans. Obviously, I’ve already mentioned Stiles’ predicament, but the other question plaguing fans was with Kira trying to kill Scott and tonight’s episode revealed that Kira killing Scott was an hallucination brought on by The Dread Doctors. Kira didn’t actually try to kill Scott…at least not yet. Though she has been acting strangely and even lost her sword (did someone take it and use it nefariously or did the kitsune take over and do the murdering?) Kira’s problem is still a mystery, but at least she didn’t murder Scott…yet.

The Dread Doctors clearly operate on a very strange frequency that allows them to manipulate minds. The heroes were taken out by these hallucinations while the doctors walked straight in and took Liam and Hayden. This actually breaks Scott’s promise to Liam, so does that mean Liam is going to be mad at Scott now…if he survives? More importantly, why did the doctors even take Liam? So far, they’ve only taken the ones they needed, their experiments, and left the others alone. This time they took both. Why is that? What do they intend to do with Liam?

Meanwhile, as the pack was screwing up royally, Mrs. McCall and Stilinski senior solved at least one of the puzzles. (I love seeing these two together…I mean work together! 😉 ) The Dread Doctors aren’t just taking random victims, they are selecting them. The Dread Doctors create chimeras from people who already have two sets of DNA in their bodies from donor transplants. Now that we know how they choose their victims, will we soon learn why? And if that dead body on the McCall table was a dead body or another hallucination?

Tune in next week to find out (maybe) and check back here for my review!

Teen Wolf airs Mondays at 10/9c on MTV!

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