Update on the Save Helix campaign

By: Alyson Bailey
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Just a quick reminder that the #SaveHelix campaign is still going on and the organizers are still trying to spread the word.  Below is the first paragraph of a letter that was sent to Sony Pictures the other day.  The letter is available to see here.

“As fans of Helix, we would like to express to Sony Pictures Television that we would like our voices heard. Fans of Helix would like to request that Sony Pictures Television Executives take an active role in shopping our beloved Helix to other networks for a Third Season and beyond if the SyFy network is not willing to continue the series. It is far too soon to end Helix with so much story left to tell.”

Here is the link to the petition, please share.  #SaveHelix petition.

There are social media pages too.

Twitter: @FansForHelix


Fans of the show have been left hanging, there are too many unfinished story lines.




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