Vampire Resurrection by Vic Brown – Book Review

By: Alyson Bailey
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“Vampire history just isn’t what it used to be.” – Author of Vampire Resurrection

I have read many vampire books and stories, and I have watched many vampire television shows and movies. My taste in reading and entertainment is eclectic, so I am not all about vampires, but I definitely enjoy the genre. Thinking back to when I started reading vampire books, I realized that it was when the Twilight books came out and my daughter was reading them. I decided to read them with her as a way to connect with my teenage daughter. We went to the movies, read the books together, and as she got older, we began to watch other vampire television shows. In my experience with the genre, every vampire has been turned from human to vampire by being bitten. The vampires in Vampire Resurrection were not turned.

Categorizing Vic Brown’s book as only a vampire book is limiting. This book could be placed with mysteries, romance books, thrillers, science fiction and of course horror and fantasy. It is a book that appeals to many interests.

As I was reading Vampire Resurrection, I found myself thinking about the characters and about the events as I went through my day. It is always a sign of a good book if it sticks with you even when you are not reading it.

The vampires, as I mentioned above, have not been turned, they are the victims of a flawed gene that will turn every third generation of the families unlucky enough to have this gene into vampires. There is no cure and these families live with this horrific future hanging over their heads. One of the main characters is head of the Harvard Genetics Lab; he is in charge of many cutting edge projects. He has a secret project that requires very high security clearance. They are looking for a way to fix the flawed gene. He is especially interested in this cure, because his son is a third generation, and is expected to change into a vampire at any time. Project Vampire Resurrection is looking to find a genetic cure to resurrect the vampires back into humanity. Adding science and genetics into a story about vampires is unique and creative, I enjoyed this different perspective. To be able to write believably about genetics and the politics at an institution like Harvard requires careful research, I think that Vic Brown does this very well.

While this work is happening, there is a top secret organization based out of the Vatican that not even the Pope knows about. The OVFS, Order of the Vampire Final Solution has been working for years to rid the world of vampires. There is a secret room under the basilica in the necropolis that only a couple people know about; here they keep the heads of all the vampires they have killed like trophies. They have planted a spy in the Harvard Genetics Lab and are working to sabotage the work that is being done there. This brings a frightening twist into the drama. These OVFS characters are unpredictable and disturbing in many ways, keeping the Cambridge investigators off balance. This results in the readers feeling off balance too. It doesn’t help that the investigators have no idea that vampires and their persecutors are involved in the murders they must look into. I also found myself worrying about Morgan and Lamar, and hoping that the OVFS people wouldn’t catch up with them.

Lamar Bradford works at the university and has just learned that he is a vampire; Morgan Summers is a vampire who is over 325 years old and has been searching for a cure. The two meet and become lovers, she can help Lamar learn to control his urges, and he can help Morgan find a way to a normal existence. In many vampire stories the women have a certain power over the male vampires, and the men are stronger. For example the families in The Discovery of Witches books are like this. In the Twilight books, the romantic leads are a human girl and a male vampire, this relationship is very one sided, the woman is less experienced in every way and the man teaches and leads her through their experiences. In Vampire Resurrection, the woman has more power, strength and experience. It is a romance that I as a reader was rooting for; I enjoy a good love story and romance.

Each chapter begins with a quote that relates to what is happening in that chapter. They provide a small preview of what might be happening in the upcoming chapter. I enjoyed reading the quotes and seeing how they fit in the story. There are some that are attributed to “Author of Vampire Resurrection”, I like that humorous little nod Vic Brown gives to himself.

This adds up to a vampire story like no other that is full of adventure and intrigue. You can find Vampire Resurrection on Amazon here. Also, keep your eyes open for the next installment, Vampire Renaissance.



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