Angel #18 season 10

Angel & Faith #18 Those who can’t teach, teach gym pt 3

Angel-18-cover from Dark HorseDrusilla has been creating a small vampire army of naughty catholic school children and also has some special plans for Mary. Can Faith and Fred stop her before it is too late? The conclusion of “Those who can’t teach,teach gym” is out. This review contains spoilers.

WRITTEN BY: Victor Gischler
PENCILS: Cliff Richards
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: September 2

Drusilla has a tight grip on schoolgirl Mary, who she is trying to convince that joining their family is just what Mary should do. She thinks her “children” have been misbehaving, killing people and picking fights with slayers, but it can’t be helped, now it is time to make Mary meet her maker. That Drusilla is connected with Archeus is obvious as she is the only surviving one from the Masters line of sireage apart from Spike and Angel, who Archues had his hands full with in the previous issue of Buffy. Drusilla seems to think her life has new meaning now, since Archeus came in to it. Before she can explain why Mary is special to Archeus, Faith thunders in and starts fighting. Fred sneaks in and tries to make an escape with Mary, who is rather confused by the fact she is being saved by the lunch lady.Lots of fighting and taunting commences, imagine “to take down a slayer is the Sweetest thing, Spike used to say”, “well nyah nyah I hear Spike is taking down Buffy every night” kinda of material. As Faith is getting surrounded by vampires, Koh suddenly turns up and lends a hand. Meanwhile Fred and Mary have their hands full with Mary’s former crush, now vampire. They eventually kill him too.

As Koh and Faith kills all the the naughty vampire teens, Drusilla sneaks away much to Faiths annoyance. The comic ends with Mary hidden away back at her dads house. Her dad seem to be a retired Museum curator and have brought home a big ass statue that looks like it is just begging come alive and wake up to cause chaos.

This three parter has been very enjoyable, it has to be said that I like the way that Faith is developing in both this and the last series of Angel and Faith. She isn’t all about kicking butt anymore, but actually shows a more caring side. They have allowed some softness to her normally hard edges. Her and Fred together has been fun too, and Drusilla is almost always a treat too. Hopefully, we will find out what is special about Mary soon, unless it is just the fact that her daddy has a very suspicious looking statue at home and how the whole thing ties into Archeus.

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