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Dragon Con 2015 – Arrow Panel Hijinks & Season 4 Hints

Panels are fun, but Dragon Con panels tend to be the most fun – the atmosphere is more relaxed and it shows in the way guests just seem to have more fun.  When you’re lucky enough to have John Barrowman and the cast of Arrow on stage during a Dragon Con panel, you’ve struck nerd gold.

That brings me to something you may have noticed: the quality, or lack thereof, of the image above.  That’s because the room was so packed and we were so far away from the stage that I was pushing the zoom on my camera to the breaking point.  So, there’s your answer to why it looks like a screenshot of a bootleg taken with a flip phone off a low-def TV screen that’s been smothered in Vaseline and maple syrup.

I promise you the quality of the panel itself was not hindered at all by our optical issues.  The entire hour was packed with great stories, insights into season 4, and a ton of laughs.  With apologies for the video quality, I present to you the Arrow: Loss Makes Us Stronger panel from Dragon Con 2015.

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