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Dragon Con 2015 – The Hilarious Defiance Fan Q&A Panel

By: Tom Gardiner
Defiance dragon con panel syfy

It was the final day of Dragon Con 2015 and everyone was still in full-on con mode, especially the cast of Defiance. Already having several days behind them, and with that several panels, signings, and photo-ops, these guys were still full of energy and ready to take on questions from the fans.

There’s more than a little Datak in Tony Curran, or perhaps it’s the other way ‘round, because he was definitely a mischief-maker, but in a good, fun way. There wasn’t any duplicitous scheming or backstabbing involved, to the relief of everyone, just lighthearted fun. But the best part about the cast of Defiance is all the better parts of the characters they play seem to be integral to their real life personalities. These guys were a family on that stage – a hilariously entertaining family.

And they were weird … you know, the kind of weird you go see John Barrowman for. It’s that uproarious, no-holds-barred outrageousness that we secretly hope will appear in every panel, but only the best seem to conjure. With this being a fan Q&A the subject matter could, and often did, jump in unseen directions which only made it better.

Please enjoy the final Defiance panel of Dragon Con 2015, the Fan Q&A Panel.

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