Fear The Walking Dead – Preview Ep 5 – Cobalt

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Are you ready for it? Episode 5, Cobalt airs this Sunday night, September 27th, on AMC. At last look, we were given a “no infected” episode. We dealt with the coming of the cavalry, the military, in all its prison like glory. We witnessed our group, trying to live normal everyday lives in this chaos, despite the ever looming reminders of being in what feels like a prison camp. Liza was acting “all nurse” and helping people. Nick was self medicating with a dying man’s morphine and Travis and Madison had some stress relieving sex in the garage. We know that both Nick and Griselda were taken by the military to an unknown “hospital” to be “treated”. Will we see them again? I don’t know, but I do know that the others won’t take this lying down. A plan for escape, perhaps? We saw hopes of someone alive beyond the fence, which turned to flashing gunfire at the end of the episode. Who is out there? Are they still alive? Tune in Sunday night to AMC, to find out! Threeifbyspace will be live tweeting! Come join us!

Preview of Episode 5 – Cobalt

Preview 2

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