Fear The Walking Dead – Review Ep 3 – The Dog

Fear! That is what Sunday night’s episode was all about. You could see it in the faces. You could almost taste it. I was on the edge of my seat, yelling at the TV. Wow, what a ride. If you had any doubts about how good this show was going to be, leave them at the door. The Dog, episode 3 of AMC’s newest series Fear The Walking Dead, was so high on energy and creepiness, that I couldn’t stop thinking about it. In fact, I had to watch it 3 more times before bed, to fully understand all that I saw. I was in Fear. For the characters and what was happening. Society crumbles at a furious pace and this episode showed it! The stress level is this episode was AWFUL! I live tweet the show on Threeifbyspace’s Twitter page, and I couldn’t keep up. People were freaking out! It was fast and furious to say the least.

So let’s see what made this episode so crazy. First off, we are hanging by a thread wondering what will happen to our separated family. Travis , Liza and their son Chris are hiding out with the Salazar family in a barbershop downtown.The riots are increasing, its dark and crazy outside and looters are breaking in next door. Travis makes the comment that the police will have it handled in a couple of hours. Yea, that’s right, ha ha ha. Chris is on pins and needles and looking out the slats of the metal door when he sees an “infected” looking in. Creep factor 10 here! When the walls start to heat up and bubble because of a fire in the next building, they break open the door and get the hell out! Within the ensuing masses of rioters, we see Salazar mom,Griselda, get severely injured by a falling construction catwalk. And doesn’t anyone but Chris, notice the infected chowing down on a person’s face in the crowd? I will tell you this was all very stressful. The obvious fear shows on all the characters in this episode. I was on the edge of my seat!

Lorenzo James Henrie as Chris - Fear The Walking Dead _ Season 1, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Justina Mintz/AMC

Lorenzo James Henrie as Chris – Fear The Walking Dead _ Season 1, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Justina Mintz/AMC

Meanwhile back at Madison’s house, they still haven’t fully explained to Alicia, what the heck is going on. I understand from a mother’s point of view, that Madison is trying to protect her, but HOLY COW, come on and fess up what you know! They are constantly looking out the windows, haven’t pulled the blinds or curtains. (so stupid, IMO). Madison pulls out the board game Monopoly. REALLY? At first thought, I was cringing at this choice of scene, but reflecting back, I see why. They are trying to distance themselves from the madness that is all around them. By doing this, I feel that, by trying to stay calm and act normal, they won’t be freaking out all over the place. They are waiting for Travis to return so they can get away. But this also brings up a lost loved one. The dad who was killed 6 years ago. Alicia has a very strong feeling of deja vu, as in playing the game, waiting for their dad. I get it now.2ab

As Travis and the group get back to the truck, they decide to try and take Griselda to a hospital for treatment. But as they pass by, with spotlights, helicopters and large police presence, what they witness is disturbing. It seems as though the hospital is overrun by the infected and it is also on fire. They witness the police shooting a patient and decide to get back to Madison’s house. As they roll along, all of the lights of the city quietly blink out.

Madison and the kids are disturbed by noises at the door. When Nick opens it, they discover a dog covered in blood,(not the dogs). When the dog starts barking , they find that Peter, the now blood thirsty neighbor, is approaching the house and they all scramble to get to the next door neighbors, to retrieve a gun. Running through a puzzle of lattice work in the garden, they find no one at home, grab the gun and hear the dog barking again. They find someone in their house and then see Peter standing in the doorway trying to catch the dog. Travis pulls up at this time and they run through the garden trying to warn him of the creep in the house. Of course, they forget the shells, which Alicia goes back to retrieve,(stupid move), Madison and Nick, get back to their house in time to see Travis witnessing Peter eating the dog!( My god, have you no mercy? I love dogs.) Alicia gets hung up in the maze of lattice as Susan, beloved babysitter and neighbor who is now infected, tries to grab her. Chris gets to her in time, but not without getting an elbow in the nose from Alicia as they struggle.Travis is struggling with the scene before him. He knows Peter, He was a friend. He tries to reason with the infected man, all the while fighting him off. Just as we think Travis is going to die, Daniel grabs the gun and fires a shot into Peter’s face. This not stopping him, he fires another, point blank to the head. Within all the chaos surrounding this group, Daniel Salazar is the only man capable of making the decision to eradicate the infected without the blink of an eye. Maybe his history in war torn El Salvador has strengthened him.


As they get back to the fence, they find Susan reaching through. They argue about what is wrong with her, Madison saying that “she’s sick”. But no, Nick chimes in, “She’s not sick, she’s dead”. How is it that these people have been seeing this right in front of their own face and yet still won’t admit that this is the way it is? You get sick, you die, you come back as something else! Nick is the brightest to blurt it out. Alicia freaks out, saying that’s not what her boyfriend Matt is. “That’s not Matt!” she screams, as if in agony. There is a touching scene where Travis reconnects to his son Chris after Alicia bloodies his nose. People are getting sick” he tells Chris. “Will we?” asks Chris to which Travis replies, that they will all be alright. He still is holding out for hope in this situation. Think about it. What would you do or say to protect your children or loved ones?Personally, I would have high tailed it out of town the first time I saw an infected and what they are capable of!


They settle in for the night. Travis thinks they should wait for daylight, while Madison argues they need to leave now. They fix up the Salazar family in the bedroom. Daniel has called his cousin to pick them up in the morning. As Travis drags out the dead body of Peter, Daniel suggests that he get gas and burn the body so the sickness won’t spread. Travis can’t bring himself to that point yet. Later, he and Liza quibble over old things. She can’t help Griselda. She knows this woman will get an infection, blood poisoning and soon die. He quips that he has “two wives ” in the house now.

Daniel and his daughter squabble about leaving with Travis. He doesn’t want to be in anyone’s debt. They argue in Spanish. He is trying to take care of his family as he always has. In their home of El Salvador, bad things happened. They witness the same sort of chaos and I think this family will prove to be survivors.

Liza confides to Madison that she doesn’t want to cause any trouble. She thinks they need to support one another for their children. Madison agrees but asks Liza a favor. She explains about what a dear friend Susan was. How she took care of Madison’s children so she could work and how Susan took care of her needs after her husband died. If at any time Madison becomes one of the infected, that Liza take care of it.  “Don’t make Travis do it, it would break him” Although these women are in a bad place, there is an understanding here. They must protect their children and the ones they love, or have once loved. It is a bad spot to be in for them, but I understand it completely.


When morning comes, Travis buries Peter in the yard. Susan moans and groans and he bids her a good morning. Daniel tries to educate Chris about the gun and shells and how to use them. Travis disagrees with this and is angry. “You know how I feel about gun”s, he quips. Madison approaches Susan with a hammer. She knows what needs to be done. Travis stops her, telling her that there may still be a chance to help her. “Give me that, before you do something that can’t be undone” he tells her and she walks away.  Daniel witness this and says, “weak”.

Ofelia argues with her father that they need to stay with the group. Her father will not agree. All packed and pulling away to leave, Madison spots Susan’s husband arriving home. She doubles back to try and stop him. Patrick finds Susan and bends to hug her as Madison is shouting to him not to touch her.Susan attempts to bite him as the military arrives and shoots her down. The cavalry has arrived. Houses are being marked , and now a major military presence in the neighborhood. Travis Is glad to see it, thinking that everything will be ok, but it doesn’t sit well with Daniel, who says it’s already too late. Surrounded they are all rounded up and questioned about being sick. They notice a grave in the backyard and Madison lies and says it was their dog that died. Good call lady!  As the military overrun the neighborhood, Nick goes around trying to get into a house to find more drugs. He is just about to get in a window, when he notices a little girl looking out her window. She waves and he smiles and waves back. As he walks away, he hears the winding of a jet airplane from above. As he looks up, he sees that it is flying erratically.


Did you catch it? Do you know what that is about? I have a very good idea. Check out this post and find out more!

Talked about scene from The Dog

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