Gangsta 1×03: Ergastulum Review

By: Courtney Sanders
anime review Episode 3 gangsta

There were not a lot of action scenes in the third episode of Gangsta. However, many bloody flashbacks gave us quite a bit of information. Nic actually had a part in the death of Worick’s family. I am interested in learning more about why the two of them are so close even after such terrible events. This episode marks the anniversary of these events; the reports say that Worick was captured. Did he decide to follow Nic willingly as the years passed?


We learn that Worick is extremely defensive over Nic. He will not hesitate to injure anyone who insults Nic. Worick’s other occupation is selling his body. He has something in common with Alex. This might explain why he has taken an interest in her. He has told her that he wants her to get out of town before it becomes too late. That is exactly what happened to him. He sells his body for money and does dirty jobs as a handyman. He’s a big part of the city now and it’s too late for him to get out. Alex still has a chance to do what she wants with her life.


Alex seemed to be scared of Nic in last week’s episode. We know that Nic can be dangerous and completely unpredictable. However, we also know that he has a kinder side to him. He protects and defends the people he cares about.


We also learned more about what is going on in the city. Four families control it. Drugs are a big part of the city. These drugs are hurting and even killing the Twilights. Even Nic seems to be affected by the side effects of the drugs. There wasn’t a lot of action in Ergastulum but it was still interesting to watch. There were a lot of new people introduced in this episode and a lot of new information has been revealed.

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