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Gangsta 1X04 Review: “Nonconformist”

Episode four of Gangsta focuses on Worick’s past with Nicolas. Chad brings them in for questioning regarding an abandoned factory that is full of dead bodies. Although Chad does not actually think the Handymen are associated with these dead bodies, he does have use for a specific set of skills that Worick possesses. Worick has superb memorization skills. He can make connections based on the people he has known and the people he has seen. He uses his ability to try to identify the bodies; they were too horribly disfigured to be recognized by anyone else.

Through a series of flashbacks throughout “Nonconformist”, we learn how Worick and Nicolas became such fierce friends. We also learn how much Worick has actually changed over the years. He is more open and friendly with others than he was before.

Alex has a small part in episode four of Gangsta as well. We learn that another girl used to work for Nicolas and Worick. However, she was nearly killed during her time with the Handymen. Alex has been warned of the dangers of staying with the Handymen. In fact, she actually considers leaving and starting a new life away from this forsaken town. We do not know if she will decide to leave. This will probably be decided in a later episode. Alex has issues and demons that have been spawned from the things that happened to her when she worked as a prostitute with Barry. His presence still haunts her.


We are also introduced to another Twilight at the end of “Nonconformist”. Nicolas and this Twilight are prepared to fight each other in the next episode. This Twilight is the same level as Nicolas. This means that there will definitely be an amazing fight waiting for us in the next episode. Gangsta has not yet disappointed the fans with fight scenes so I am excited to see how this will play out. I hope that we will also find out what happens to Alex. There was not a lot of action in this episode, but I have been waiting to hear more about the past of the Handymen so I was not let down. I hope to hear more about their story. I also like the fact that Alex has more depth to her as a character. Everyone has their own demons that they are trying to figure out.

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