Minority Report 1x2 Preview

Minority Report – Ep 1×2 – Mr. Nice Guy Preview

Coming off of their first successful case, Dash (Stark Sands) and Detective Vega (Meagan Good) are further emboldened to work with each other in solving the crimes he sees committed in the future.

In the next episode, “Mr. Nice Guy”, their continued illegal team up puts Detective Vega under the microscope with her boss Blake (Wilmer Valderrama). He doesn’t believe she could’ve closed the carrier pigeon case on her own.  He feels in his gut she is hiding something or someone. Most certainly he will be keeping a close eye on her from here on out. I ponder the ways tech will be used to catch Vega in the act.

Dash is driven passionately by his belief in choosing this righteous path, though his Precognitive siblings Arthur (Nick Zeno) and Agatha Laura Regan) are vehemently not on board with his actions. They don’t trust Vega. They believe Dash is naïve and putting them unnecessarily in harms’ way. Suspicions rise when Agatha sees a future that puts them at risk of once again losing their freedom. Emotions are running high when an agitated Arthur threatens Vega in a protective moment over little brother Dash. Will the siblings step up to help Dash? Will their own behind the scenes plans hinder his actions? I am excited to see how Arthur and Agatha investigate the possible outcomes of her visions.

Only time unfolding will tell.

Minority Report airs on Mondays at 9 pm Eastern/8 pm Central on Fox TV.

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