OUAT Preview: Episode 5.02 The Price

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Once Upon A Time is off to an epic start in this fifth season and I believe that it will only get better.  ONCERS were left with one hell of a cliffhanger on Sunday, after the gang returned to Storybrooke, facing yet another bout of memory loss.I know that the time jump and memory loss bit has been done before but there just might be a reason for it to happen again.


Is it Sunday yet?? No? Well, damn, guess we have to wait!


The clip below sheds a bit more light on the memory loss front. We won’t know until the episode airs, but there seems to be more about this than meets the eye.

Well, it now appears that Emma herself, performed the memory curse, and with a twist! It seems that the memory curse, and whatever is coming to Storybrooke requires the skills of a SAVIOR. Since, there is no savior in the town of Storybrooke now, how will all this play out? Who will be able to save the town from whatever it is Emma is sending up for bat?

I know some fans do not like the fact that another time jump/memory loss was once again used, but I don’t see it as being repetitive. Well, not yet anyway. I am waiting to see what is going to happen. I find it very interesting that Emma doesn’t fault Henry at all for whatever happened to her. She blames all the rest for the betrayal. This ONCER would like to know just what is coming to town!

What say ye, ONCERS?  What do you think is coming to Storybrooke?


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Diane Selburg