Outlander: Season 1 Vol 2 Target Edition News

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Exclusive to threeifbyspace: Sources at Sony confirm that the September 29 release of Outlander‘s Season 1 Volume 2 special BluRay Collector’s Edition from Target stores will include a bonus item, as it did for the Season 1 Volume 1 edition. Again this time, the bonus item will be a set of note cards, “new and different cards, with brand new imagery,” according to a marketing manager at Sony. “The note cards were very popular,” Sony confirmed, and added that fans will be very pleased with the new set. (I’m planning to be at Target the morning of September 29 to get mine!)

As of today, there is still no option to pre-order this special Collector’s Edition at target.com, but that option is expected to be available very soon. However, with the Volume 1 preorder, the online stock went quickly, and Target ended up cancelling orders. My recommendation is to only order online if you don’t have a Target store near you, or can’t get to the store to purchase during the first day or two.

Volume 1 Target note cards

Volume 1 Target note cards

The Target set will contain all the extra features that every BluRay Collector’s Edition will carry, but will also include the extra items. The DVD edition will have a smaller set of features and no bonus item, at Target or anywhere else.

If you aren’t interested in note cards, and still need to preorder, here’s the Amazon link for Season 1, Volume 2. And don’t forget – here’s the link to preorder Emmy-nominated Bear McCreary’s Outlander: Original Television Soundtrack, Vol. 2

When we know more, we’ll bring you the news!

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