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The Latest Doctor Who Trailer Is Packed with Action & Sunglasses

“I’m the Doctor, and I save people!”

Soon …

Yes, very soon we’ll all be enjoying all-new episodes of Doctor Who.  This season has been promised to be more action-packed, more filled with suspense, and more fun than any before.  From the trailers we’ve seen, this one included, it’s going to live up to those promises in a big way.

This latest trailer has running (natch), giant walls of water, the Doctor looking bad-ass in sunglasses (and there he is with a guitar!), Clara with a rocket launcher looking very much like Torchwood’s Gwen Cooper in action, alien cities, dragons, and more.  It’s like the Double-Stuf Oreo of trailers, man!

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Doctor Who season 9 premieres Saturday, September 19!

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