The Numbers for Dragon Con 2015 Are In

By: Rose B.

This year’s Dragon Con may have ended Monday evening, but the memory of this annual multi-media, pop cultural convention will live long in the minds of all who attended, and probably all of those who live and/or work in downtown Atlanta. Are you ready for this number… the attendance this year of 70,000 broke last year’s record by more than 8,000 folks. AMAZING!

Even more amazing is the current total raised for the Lymphoma Research Foundation is already at $100,000. For those who may not understand what Lymphoma is exactly…

Lymphoma is a group of blood cancers, most notably non-Hodgkin lymphoma, which accounts for about 90 percent of cases. Other types include Hodgkin lymphoma, myeloma and immunoproliferative diseases. Over half a million people are currently living with lymphoma in the United States – the most common blood cancer in adults and the third most common cancer over all among children.

So for them to raise $100,000 so far for this worthy charity is simply WOW! Way to go everyone. We are waiting for the totals for the annual Blood Drive, when available we will pass the news on.

Dragon Con 2016 is scheduled for September 2 – September 5, 2016.

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