Under the Dome – Series Finale – The Enemy Within – Review

By: Alyson Bailey
CBS finale Under the Dome


Is it too corny to say that the last season of Under the Dome was a rotten egg?  Whatever it was, it’s over and I’m sorry to say, I’m relieved.  I took on this gig writing reviews and I’ve enjoyed it and have been excited about it, but to be perfectly honest, it’s been a chore to keep up with Under the Dome and get the reviews written.


This last episode of Under the Dome, did not really answer a lot of questions.  We knew there were aliens, we knew they needed to get the dome down, and we knew there were power struggles in every group.

What did we learn that we didn’t already know last night?

We now know the queen’s name, it’s Dawn.  Of course, that leads me to a question, who named her?  And I still want to know where she got those kick ass boots!  I don’t remember any shoe stores in Chester’s Mill.

We learned that one of the uses of the “four hands” was that they could act as the 8th tone in the center of the amethysts to bring the dome down.

It seems that Dawn is so angry, aggressive, and hostile because Dale was chosen specifically to pass his “darkness” on to her.  I thought it was hilarious when she called him “Dad”.

About half way through the show, we saw the dramatic scene where the dome came down.  It was dramatic and pretty.  I think that maybe the life forces that were in all the people left them when the dome came down.  It, of course isn’t explained or definite, but it seems to me that a burst of pretty pink/purple energy came out of each person.  Dale watched his fly up away from him.

life force1

As predicted, everyone is captured by the military people who were waiting just outside the dome.  Big Jim, Dale, Julia, Lily, and Hunter were taken somewhere, cleaned, dressed in plain white tees and pants and kept separately.  Each person told the story of what happened under the dome.  The stories all matched, so the military made up a new story that each of them was expected to sign and then swear that they would never tell the truth about what happened.  This is because the government does not want the people to know that there are actually aliens “out there” and here with us.  We don’t actually know if any of them signed the false statement.  What we do know is that Big Jim called on his sleazy used car salesman experience and made a deal with the military to become a spokesperson.


The next time we see our intrepid resistance fighters, a year has passed.  Big Jim is a congressman, he has hired Lily as his chief of staff and he got an NSA job for Hunter.  These jobs work well for them to be able to keep an eye on things.  Dale and Julia have spent the year driving around the country together on a motorcycle.  Norrie enlisted in the army and has gotten herself a job working for the officer who interrogated them and seems to be in charge of the Chester’s Mill issues.

Big Jim brings Dale and Julia in to his office for a meeting with him, Lily and Hunter.  Hunter came up with a face recognition program to look for Dawn.  As Big Jim said, “I’ve seen enough bad movies to know that if I don’t have a body, they ain’t dead”, so they’ve been looking.  Hunter has a video of Dawn in Omaha.


In the meantime, Norrie has taken an ID badge out of the officer’s desk and has gone looking in the restricted areas.  She finds a morgue and Junior’s name is on one of the doors.  She also finds a hallway with rooms on either side, they are small, all are fronted with glass, and in each one is a person in white lying on a bed.  This is where they are keeping the rest of the townspeople who were still infected, “waiting for a cure”.  She walks through and finds Joe, who we assumed was dead after his part in bringing the dome down.  It is not clear if he is one of them or himself, he doesn’t speak.


The very last scene is of three little boys who are crouched down looking at something, they call their teacher over to see it.  Dawn walks over to see, it is another egg.  Dawn is the teacher, and she has enlisted her students to help her find the other eggs.

The way the episode ended leaves me thinking that the producers of Under the Dome were planning for season 4, it was definitely left open for more.   Some of the questions that I think were left open for a fourth season are the following.   Will there be another dome?  Will Big Jim’s congressional career continue?  Will Norrie stay in the military?  Will Joe be “one of them” or normal?  When will they find and confront Dawn?  How will they confront Dawn?  Who are the “they” that are out there and threatening the existence of earth?  The same “they” who destroyed Dawn’s planet.

As I examined my feelings after it was over, I was left feeling unsatisfied and somewhat unemotional.  So long Under the Dome.


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