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Watch: Doctor Who – The Doctor’s Meditation Prequel

Taking up about where the Doctor Who series 9 prologue left off, this 6+ minute video shows the Doctor meditating, or rather trying to meditate, about an “old friend” who is very ill.  While it starts off with that somber thought, this minisode falls much more on the side of comedy.  Although you may find that hard to believe after reading this exchange between the Doctor and his temporary companion, Bors.

“Where is it you go and why must you meditate first?” – Bors

“Someone I know is very sick.  They want to see me before … while there’s still time.” – Doctor

“An old friend?” – Doctor

“Someone I’ve known a very long time.” – Doctor

Of course, shortly after that exchange, we get into a lighthearted multi-day and mostly fruitless search for the perfect place to dig a water well, with the Doctor leading his band of ever-less-merry men around like a gaggle of geese.  Speaking of which, the tone of Capaldi’s Doctor is noticeably lighter in this segment, but the acerbic wit and attitude still poke through here and there.  I enjoy a little crankiness in my Doctors.

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Doctor Who season 9 premieres Saturday, September 19!

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