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American Horror Story Hotel – Review Ep 4 – Devil’s Night

Who wants to go to a Devil’s Night party with me? In this episode of AHS Hotel, we were able to have great fun with some wild guests! Well, if you like serial murderers and blood and guts, you were sure to have a great time, but why was Det. Lowe invited? Let’s examine this.
Famed murderer Richard Ramirez, strolled into the hotel, all Saturday Night Feverish, hell bent on attending this years Devil’s Night party thrown by Mr. March. Every year March throws a wild bash, including some of the most famous killers there have ever been. This year is no exception. The Night Stalker Ramirez, sneaks into a room occupied by a Mr. and Mrs. from Arizona, where he bashes in the man’s skull and proceeds to terrorize the woman, chasing her down the hallways, all the way to ultimately kill her.
Lowe is talking to his daughter on the phone and she really doesn’t want to come hang out with dear old dad today. Grandma’s pie baking is more interesting. She leaves Lowe feeling a bit depressed, you know, after being served with divorce papers from his wife and all. He meets up with Miss Evers, who is in her own funk. Hazel Evers, tells Lowe of her own misfortune, losing her own son. She thinks they are kindred spirits. Back in 1925, on a Halloween night, she wasn’t paying very good attention to her son. He was dressed in a sheet as a ghost, that is the best she could come up with, and when she turned her back for a moment, he was gone. Taken by a serial pedophile murderer, he was tortured and killed. This broke her and you almost feel sorry for here here, but then she starts going on about how much work she has to do and gets all air-headed again.

1Lowe’s wife Alex, after finding Holden in the hotel, had brought her son home. He is of course, a little strange. This is not the boy she loves so much. She takes his temperature and it shows 75 degrees. She is concerned and goes to get him a drink. He claims he is thirsty, but we know juice won’t do it! When she returns to the room, she finds him feasting on blood from the family pooch! Poor doggy!. He says he wants to go home to his other mommy. When Alex gets him back to the hotel, she escorts him down to the pool where Holden gets in his coffin for a much needed nap. She is prepared to get the Countess arrested for this kidnapping, but is waylaid by the Countess, who tells Alex, how she saved Holden from a life of neglect, especially from his father. The Countess tells Alex of the rare blood disorder Holden has, and that he will be healthy and have everlasting life. The only way she can be with her boy, is to accept the gift the Countess is offering. Scared and confused, Alex runs away from the hotel.

CaptureLowe in a state, decides to head to the bar for a drink. He needs it. He runs into a ghost,who claims to be Aileen Wuornos, famed serial killer. He tells her how much she looks like her, but she isn’t her. They talk and schmooze a little. He decides to go for it and have sex with her! Yuck! Now Lily Rabe is a beautiful woman, but they have turned this actress into Wuornos! I was amazed and a little freaked out!

american-horror-story-hotel-ahs-hotel-episodeOn the way to his room Aileen, knocks Lowe in the head. He wakes up tied to a chair, but manages to get free and knock her out. He handcuffs her to the sink and when he goes downstairs to call the police in, Liz Taylor hands him the golden ticket to the Devil’s Night party. Even Liz is amazed by this. Why is he invited? Only your hairdresser knows for sure!
Lowe proceeds to find a tuxedo, all laid out for him to wear and enters the party.
Richard Ramirez, John Wayne Gacy,(John Carroll Lynch), Jeffrey Dahmer and Aileen Wuornos, and the Zodiak killer, (all of them dead in real life), all made guest appearances at the Devil’s Night party thrown by Mr. March at the Hotel Cortez. And why not? Who better to represent the ghoulishly dark and crazy sh*t happening on this season of AHS! This creepy ensemble of mass murdering wackos, just goes to show how far Ryan Murphy is willing to go to scare the pants off everybody who is watching. Isn’t it enough to have vampire-like ghouls, and ghosts and creepy towhead kids sucking the life blood out of hotel guests? So Murphy decides to throw in some real life monsters to the game. We get to meet and dine with these infamous killers, and witness what was probably their real-life attitudes.

44b894bfe5a52c20f42ed79702184c30He recognizes March and all of the other party goers. He is offered a drink and watches in horror as Dahmer is offered a young man as a gift, and he proceeds to drill into this kid’s head , making him zombie like as they all cheer him on. I don’t think Lowe realized all that was happening in his drunken?drugged stupor. Sally brings in her little treat. A business man she picked up just for this occasion. He will be dessert! When she notices how out of it Lowe is, March quips, “John’s clearly not yet our kind.”
She truly has feelings for Lowe. I don’t know what the connection is here, but it’s real. “You have to trust me,” she says. “I’m your protector.” Sally helps him up.
Alex returns to the hotel. Of course she will. She wants her beloved Holden. The Countess takes Alex in her arms, cuts herself and lets Alex drink the forbidden fruit. She will be able to have her boy now, that is all she really wants.

CaptureDo you want to know what I think as a reviewer? I think that John Lowe is being set up for something. He is(was), normal when coming into this hotel. He has been accepted here. Why? Sally seems to have a connection with him. They all treat him with an unspoken respect of some sort. Why? By rights, he should have been killed, turned or taken out of the equation, but he is still here. So what is really going on here? Why is he still being allowed to survive among the ghouls, vampire people and the ghosts? Is he needed here for some reason, or is it that he BELONGS here? Think about it and let me know what you think!


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