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American Horror Story Hotel -S5 Ep 3 Review

I am really liking this new season of American Horror Story Hotel. We are getting backstories, a little at a time, but that’s ok. It is building up to something far more than we can take in all at once. In the latest episode, Mommy, we find out about Tristan’s new found obsession with Mr. March. We also find out a little bit more about Lowe’s wife, Alex and her absolute and undying love for her son Holden. And we get a glimpse into Donovan’s hatred for his mother and , the real kicker was meeting Ramona, the Countess’ ex-lover.
Tristan, the new boy-toy, has picked a new BFF. Mr. March! After doing some research on Google, Tristan decides he wants Mr. March to be his mentor. Tristan pays March a visit in his art-deco suite and explains to March, how much he admires him and his past work. Tristan wants to follow in his footsteps and March is more than pleased. Rudely interrupted by Will, who is scoping out the lower floors, Tristan is told to leave and never come back to the hotel. March and Miss Evers are upset by the fact that Will wants to tear out floors and redecorate, but Tristan tells them not to worry, “I’ve got this”, he tells them.


We meet up with Alex, Lowe’s wife. Being a pediatrician, she is all involved in saving children, although she couldn’t save her own son. She pays another visit to the poor kid with measles, whose anti-vaxer mom is in a tizzy. She has to ship the kid to the ER because he has developed pneumonia. Alex tells us in backstory, how much she loved her son Holden. He was her world, she loved him more than her husband and daughter. When he disappeared, she was lost and still is. She had even tried committing suicide after, but was saved by her husband. It is a sad story, and I can only imagine the pain she goes through. In a scene with a psychiatrist, the family discusses Holden and Scarlet retells the story of finding Holden at the hotel, although no one really believes her.Or do they?
Our fashion editor, who is staying at the hotel to help Will, is trying to settle for the night. While in the bathroom, she sees things out the corner of her eye. Disturbing images get her slightly unnerved. She retires to bed. As soon as her body hits the mattress, Gabriel rips through and attempts to kill her. She grabs scissors to protect herself, but Gabriel takes them and stabs and slashes her to death.


Lowe is at the scene of yet another brutal murder. This time it is a mass killing of members of a gossip tabloid. They have all been slashed to death, and their tongues have been nailed to the tables. He figures out that this is the same serial killer. The commandment killer, is working his way through the commandments one by one. Because this is a gossip magazine, the “thou shall not bear false witness” commandment comes into play. Have you figured out who the murderer is yet? I am on the fence about it, but I have an idea. When Lowe gets back to the hotel, he is met with a gory scene. Gabriel stumbles down to the main floor of the hotel, covered in blood, where he passes out in Lowe’s arms . When they arrive at the hospital, Gabriel confesses he didn’t mean to kill her. “Who”, asks Lowe. Gabriel tells him he thought it was junkie Sally he was killing, then dies on the table.

Tristan pays Will a visit. He finds Will working on plans of the hotel, although they are not the plans of this hotel. Things have been altered, with secret rooms and hallways going nowhere. Tristan plays up to Will sexually, and as Tristan plots to stab and kill him, he is stopped by the Countess. She has other plans for Will.

Lowe approaches the fashion editor’s room and is told Sally that she checked out. He is suspicious of Sally and they get in the elevator where Lowe puts her in handcuffs. Lowe is somehow attracted to sally, maybe it’s her dark side, and on the way down, the lights flicker and things are seen. He asks her about the blood covered junkie, gabriel, and she mentions the ten commandments. This throws him. She tells him killing can be a righteous act. He seems to think she is involved in the murders and he is drawn to almost kiss her as she fondles him. She tells him’ “you and me, where meant to be” as the lights go out and when they come back on, Sally is gone.

Donovan comes into the hotel and is approached by his mom. She is looking for an apartment for them. He is hatred personified as he tells her how much he can’t stand her. He really dispises her. She tells him how hard it was for her to raise him alone. How he treats her is terrible, as he relays how their life was shit. She gave him life, she saved his life. He wanted to die and she wouldn’t let him. She is heartbroken now. “I don’t know who I am if I’m not your mother”, she cries to him. He tells her she should kill herself. Wow! Such disgusting words to his mommy! He leaves and goes to find blood. We find him harvesting his drinks from some local junkies in the bad part of town. He sees a woman by a car. Thinking that he is gonna score some more blood, he takes out his knife. When he approaches her asking if she needs help, we meet Ramona. She beats him in the head and pushes him in the trunk.

AMERICAN HORROR STORY -- "Mommy" Episode 503 (Airs Wednesday, October 21, 10:00 pm/ep) Pictured: Angela Bassett as Ramona. CR: Suzanne Tenner/FX

AMERICAN HORROR STORY — “Mommy” Episode 503 (Airs Wednesday, October 21, 10:00 pm/ep) Pictured: Angela Bassett as Ramona. CR: Suzanne Tenner/FX

The Countess visits Will, although he is gay, she reduces him to a puddle, saying that he needs to go out of his comfort zone. He is obviously turned on by her, when they are interrupted by Tristan. Tristan thinks the Countess is done with him, but she explains to him that they need Will, or his money. She is broke. Bad investments with Bernie Madoff has cost her everything she had. Her only goal now is to get Will to marry her, then he can be gotten rid of.

Alex shows up at the hotel to visit Lowe. She has brought him divorce papers. He pleads with her not to do it. She is convinced that Scarlet is suffering and that is why she is telling stories about Holden. He gets really upset and starts crying. She tells him he needs some rest and gives him some sleeping pills and takes him to his room. When they almost have sex, he tells her he wants another baby. This stops her cold, she recoups her senses and leaves the room. On her way out, in the hallway, she sees the bloodied fashion editor, who asks her if this is hell. She is shocked and turns away. She then sees Holden. She approaches him and says his name as she looks at him. He looks up at her and says, “Hi mommy”.

Iris decides she wants to die. Sally is preparing to give her an overdose of drugs. She explains so Sally about Donovan and why she wants to end it. Sally wants to make sure that Iris is totally going to die. She doesn’t want Iris haunting her hallways.
Donovan awakens to Ramona. She has him strapped to a chair and is cleaning his blood through a transfusing. She isn’t happy that he has taken in so much poisonous blood from the junkies. She tells him who she was. Being a top B film star in 1977, she meets the Countess, fell in love with her and became a changed woman. Having everything wasn’t enough. Over the years, they grew apart and in 1991, Ramona fell in love with a music star, Prophet Moses. When the time came for her to change him forever, the Countess caught them in the act and killed his posse and the star, leaving Ramona heartbroken. Only the Countess is supposed to give the change, no one else is allowed that privilege. Romona is under the impression that Donovan still belongs to the Countess. Roman isn’t wanting to kill Donovan, but “those babies she made”. Romona thinks she can use him as an insider to get to them, but Donovan lets her know that the Countess dumped him last week. She unties him and lets him go.

Donovan returns to the hotel. Throwing himself a pity party at the bar, He whines about having nothing and no one. Liz Taylor, tells him he is the luckiest man alive, because he has a mother that loves him. He talks Donovan into going to see Iris. “You’ll never find anyone who loves you as much as she does”, Liz tells him. He goes to her room and finds that Sally has tied a plastic bag over Iris’ head to hasten death. Although it seems too late, Donovan cuts his arm and gives the blood to his mother to save her, all the while, begging her to come back. As Iris comes back, Sally who is not pleased, quips, “now there is some twisted poetic justice”.



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