American Horror Story Hotel – S5 Ep2 – Preview

We are all on pins and needles waiting to see what happens next on AHS Hotel. We have a few backstories in, but I can’t wait to hear the Countess story. What will become of our Det. Lowe? Is he staying at Hotel Cortez for convenience or for more intel on the serial murderer? Do you think he realizes that he may be in danger or does getting a glimpse of his son, Holden, put him on the right track to recovering him? Will we meet Ramona Royale, The Countess’ vengeful ex-lover? So many questions. And what the hell is in room 33? I shudder to think of it! So get your snacks gathered and turn out the lights on Wednesday October 14th, for the next creepy installment of AHS Hotel on FX.

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