Doctor Who Gives US the Presents! New Christmas Set Coming Out

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The weather’s getting cooler… fireplaces are getting inspected… you know what that means, don’t you? There’s going to be a Doctor Who Christmas Special! But right now, we’re talking about Christmas Past, not Christmas Future – The Doctor’s past Christmases, that is.

The BBC just announced that they’ll offer a special boxed set of past Christmas specials, and it will include some great extras. From the press release:

image011Whovians can follow the Doctor on a holiday adventure through all of the modern era Christmas specials with Doctor Who: The Christmas Specials Gift Set, available on DVD and Blu-Ray on November 24, 2015. It just wouldn’t be Christmas without the Doctor, and now for the first time every Christmas special is available on one complete set. David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi all take turns starring in a collection of exhilarating specials that set the Doctor rushing to save the world from a wide array of dastardly foes, including robot Santas, exploding Christmas trees, and an army of snowmen. The specials include Tennant’s full first episode and the Doctor’s regenerations into Smith and Capaldi. In an exclusive bonus feature, British comedian and upcoming season nine guest star Rufus Hound embarks on a mission to discover what makes a Doctor Who Christmas Special so, well… special. From juggling tangerines to meeting a guest star from The Time of the Doctor, Hound journeys through Christmases past to showcase many of the greatest moments and monsters of the holiday season. This bonus feature also incudes personal reflections from current Doctor Peter Capaldi and writer and executive producer Steven Moffatt. The gift set comes with a replica of the Twelfth Doctor’s sonic screwdriver.

I guess sonic sunglasses wouldn’t be quite as much fun! I hope that screwdriver will help you put all those presents together.

Suggested Retail Price: DVD – $50.83 (4 discs); BluRay – $57.98 (3 discs). Use the link below to order!

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