Dominion Poetry Contest: More Great #RenewDominion Poems!

By: Erin Conrad
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I wanted to bring you the rest of the great #RenewDominion poems that were entered into my contest – when you see these, you’ll understand why we had such a hard time selecting two winners and two honorable mentions. All of the poems were terrific! I wish I could give prizes to everyone who entered, but let’s hope we get the big prize – Dominion renewed for Season 3. So in no particular order, here are all the other entries. (If you believe you entered the contest, but did not see your poem in last week’s post or in this one, PLEASE let me know. You never know whether email hasn’t made it all the way through.)

Reaching into my soul,
Battling my demons.
Searching for light,
Gasping for air.
Angel hear me cry,
Save my soul,
Embrace my demons,
Hear my plight.
Free me from despair,
Send me strength to fight.

Michelle Merk

Renew Dominion

This poem is for Syfy to see
Why Dominion deserves a Season 3.

Alex is The Chosen One
He is the Savior of all mankind.
He has proven he can do the job
He just needs more time.

Michael fights for the Humans
He wasn’t always on their side.
Redemption is what he is seeking
Maybe Season 3 will provide?

Gabriel wants humans destroyed
He will go to all lengths to win.
In the battle between he and Michael
Will he be the victor in the end?

Noma is a badass Higher Angel
To save Alex she ripped off her wings.
She’s been through enough, and even though she is tough,
What could Season 3 bring?

Claire is kicking ass this seasonDominion_gallery_212Recap_12
But she’s also been through alot.
First losing the baby, then Gates
Hell, the poor girl’s even been shot!

Arika is the Queen of Helena
But she wants Vega too.
She befriended Claire to get closer to her goal
But was that her worst power move?

General Reisen is now a Dyad
No one saw that coming I’m sure.
Will Claire be able to take out her Pops
When he comes knocking at her door?

David is a power hungry traitor
Who only wants what’s best for him.
He also wants to be the leader of Vega
But his chances look pretty damn slim.

William was left in the desert
And somehow survived as David’s son.
He showed back up in Vega all cray cray
Thinking he is The Chosen One.

Petey was just eating a burger
When an 8ball invaded his body.
Alec successfully evicted him
Til Menathas joined the party.

Julian the Dyad is fierce
He has shown he came to play.
What is in that black box full of white light?
Syfy, do you really want to leave things this way?

This is my summary
If you read it you will see.
The reason to renew Dominion

Tonya Battin

Souls yearn to hear a story told, Where things turn out as they should be,
Where heroes reign undefeated, And overcome great adversity.

Souls scream to know that there is calm,  After the storms of chaos that rip the peace,
That through the pain waits a saving grace, That ensures that the darkness shall quickly cease.

Dominion brings not the saving grace, Nor peace through such vicious storm,
Nor reigns of heroes, or justice blind, Or end darkness in any shape or form. 

Dominion brings hope in the manner of loss, Brings Justice at a heavy price,
Brings love at a cost worthy to bear, With Temptations personally designed to entice. 

Dominion explores what is truly real, Yet brings with it the edge of fate,
Reminds us all that stories told, Do not define our reality but serve to create.

A sense of truth within the insane chaos, A sense of fairness within the ruthless unfair,
A sense of love for those deemed unworthy, A sense of hope beyond the endless despair.

Dominion centers around inhuman beings, That perhaps are the most human of all.
That bring with them the power to overcome, Yet as the rest of us, are vulnerable and fall.

The aspects of faith, and truth, and justice, The worlds of chaos, and love, and despair,
Of hope and lies, and betrayal, and evil,  All these things in our lives are surely there.

But for once Dominion brings a sense of right, That within all that goes horridly wrong,
Creatures with wings and the power that brings, Should protect and stand virtuously strong.

In this Dominion brings to us the inhuman immortals, Wings upon darkened and shrouded pasts,
With regal and dignified perfect creatures, Hiding who they are behind self-created masks.

The show itself paints the clear picture, That we hold certain things close and dear,
That regardless of human or angel form, We all feel love, and pain, and fear.

It is through working together and holding fast, Do we survive in troubles that hold us bound,
It is through bonds of trust and caring help, That we keep our feet sturdy on the ground.

Dominion itself has created a family, Of Fans that duly stand idly by,
Waiting for the screaming call, To take up arms and swiftly fly.

To tweet endless hours in many shifts, To connect with people around the Earth,
To share with them the Dominion show, and express its undeniable worth.

To create art when they have never done so, To write poems that long had been kept at bay,
To create unbelievable videos to promote the show and support in any way.

To believe in someone else’s dream and to support them through every episode and season,
To relentlessly stand firm and rally the troops, without having any other reason,

Than they believe in the story and what it tells, and the emotions it draws with every scene,
They stand firm with the cast, the writers and Vaun with composers, staff, and all in-between

For the soul screams to hear a beautiful story, where good and evil and justice collide,
With eager listeners who support Dominion, with a family that has grown to expand worldwide.

All collected and surrounding this show for one purpose, one undeniable truth to boldly defend,
Dominion’s story is a sanctified breathing existence that its family cannot bear to see stop and end.

Catherine Harris (aka PsycheCat)


It starts and ends with love –
Shared love for a story,
Characters beyond parallel;
Vengeful, grieving, in a cell,
Burdened, Chosen –
We’ve all been frozen before
The TV set, as wings
Were unfurled for the attack,
Or were torn from the back,
Accompanied by choice hashtags –
(#Nomalove, #Gabesbabes –
#beepbeep made the week).

Each time, we’re brought to tearsDominion_gallery_211Recap_16
As beloved characters
Face their fears,
Lose what they love and stumble on,
Strive for peace or power.
Thursday, on the hour,
We’re all ready to view,
And that’s why we ask of you – renew.

Renew for the directors,
The actors, the writers –
Those kings and queens,
Those lovers and fighters,
Renew for the fandom,
The live tweets, the love.
Fulfill the vision – Renew Dominion.

Sarah Westvik

They are the warriors of Light
With swords aglow
And wings spread wide
Unknown to most
But those who tune in Thursday night

Some aren’t the heroes people see
With twisted plans
And selfish means
But if their story were to end
That’s what they’re always going to be

Consider Gabriel: at first
A villain, sleek, merciless and cold
An enemy, a mourner
Sworn to Heaven, yet
Master to the cursed

But is that his fate?
To battle Michael on, antagonized
Worn, beaten and exhausted
A father grieving, a brother true
And still be seen with hate?

And Michael, now sworn to truth but then –
Back then the fearsome sword
The loyal son and killing blow
A plague, a Flood
The harbinger of mankind’s end

What of the pure of heart?
The Chosen One who holds our hope
The boy who loves and grieves and fights
Angels at his side and at his back
Destined to bring a bright new start?

And Noma, what secrets does she hold?
Her wings forsaken, soul dismayed
Her loyalties conflicted in the dark
Will love forgive or love forget?
Will she have reason to be bold?

So you see, there’s lots we want to know
What will become of Vega
Of the true prophet and the false
But we can only learn these things
If you renew our show!

Val Prozorova

Dyad’s Ditty
We need much more than just a teaser
More of this decadent diamond geezer
So please us soon and do decree
That we shall have our season three!
Let not his tale go untold
Allow the legend to unfold
What’s in that box? Yes, we must see!
Indeed, we need a season three!
So oblige us now, don’t make us wait!
You leave us in such an awful state!
Hear our humble, heartfelt plea
And bless us, bequeath us, season three!

Lilith Colbert

We’re praying for Syfy’s renewal
Of Dominion, a TV crown jewel
Will Vega be saved?
Will mankind be enslaved?
Don’t leave us hanging – that would be cruel!

There exists now a war for mankind12043085_967778076591913_5212459588560766893_n
With the Chosen One we are aligned.
Please Syfy renew
To see Vaun’s story through
For angels’ and man’s good combined!

Syfy’s best show is Dominion
And when watching, I’m of the opinion
That it should be renewed
And I hope they include
Michael bathing again in the nude!

Megan McFerren

Listen here humans from SyFy land with open eyes and ears.
This is the Big Man from up stairs.
You plan and you plot, but you do not think clear.
You can not leave Vega in such despair.
With my Sons fighting
And chaos and darkness filling the air
Soon Vega and my archangels will disappear.
But with a ray of hope for all to see
You can help save Vega and my sons, Michael and Gabriel, in Season three.

Annette Peach

Did you miss the winners? Check them out here!

Let Syfy know you want Season 3 – Use #RenewDominion in your tweets!

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