Fear The Walking Dead – Preview S1 Finale

 Are you all ready for the finale? Are you Fearful! Sunday night’s season one finale, will be mind blowing! If you have become obsessed with this show, like I have, you will not be disappointed! We have seen things go from bad to worse in the last 5 episodes. We were left with an arena full of the “infected” and Daniel showed his true colors in torturing Adams. What we will be expecting is the rescue of Nick and Liza. Do you think our group has enough mojo to get them back? Cobalt is coming, although we don’t know how all of this will go down. I speculate that Daniel has a plan for the infected in the arena. Maybe he will release them and cause mass confusion for the National Guard. With the Guard being tied up with the horde of infected, would that buy our group time to escape and find Nick and Liza? Yahoo TV spoke to actor Ruben Blades about his character’s thoughts.

fear-the-walking-dead-season-1-gallery-daniel-blades-800x600“He has an idea of what is inside, because one of the things that really was one of the most shocking revelations by Adams was that (the soldiers) had no time to differentiate between those infected and those who were not infected. They just corralled everyone and put them in there. We shot a lot of stuff. I remember that Daniel was horrified by what these people had done, because it also brought memories back. Like he said, “the good people are the first to die.” It’s not in the cut that was [aired], but [we filmed] Daniel asking if they put children in there, too, and Adams said yes. They put everybody in there, so Daniel already has an understanding of what he’s going to find on the other side.” Read the full article here

What he’s doing right now is he’s creating a plan to create the type of opportunity for them to do something, given the fact that Travis has been very passive at this point. Travis is changing gradually, but he’s still sort of holding on to the notion that there’s some order. That the army represents some form of order. Whereas Madison has already given up on that, from the moment they took Nick. Right now, the thing is to figure out how to rescue the people [the military] has taken.

I haven’t seen the episode as of yet, but I am willing to bet, it’s going to be an “edge of your seat” episode! With Travis showing his wimpy side, by not killing the “darling donut girl”, Kimberley, I don’t have alot of faith in him really helping, if killing is needed. Madison, on the other hand, has turned into a slight badass, not wincing at the torture of Adams , as long as Daniel got information from him. She is showing that she sees the need for measures to be taken to protect them all. So what are your thoughts on the finale? Do you think any main characters will die? AMC has announced that the full season of Fear the Walking Dead will be aired beginning on Noon Sunday till the finale at 9/8C. As usual, I will be live tweeting for Threeifbyspace.net. I hope you all enjoy the finale and come join me in tweeting!

Season 1 Finale Previews

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