Gangsta 1X06 Review: “Thorn”

By: Courtney Sanders
gangsta review thorn

Monroe is trying to handle the consequences of the most recent gang war in “Thorn”. In addition, Nicolas is still recovering from his fight. We also get to see more of how Nicolas and Worick grew up. Worick tries to help Alex with her hallucinations of Barry.


The first half of the episode deals with the aftermath of the gang war. We see that Monroe cares about the people that he works with. Worick questions a member of the Corsica gang and learns that the Corsica family is trying to kill Monroe. They want to cause chaos. However, we do not yet know why.


Nicolas is still healing from his fight with Doug. We get flashbacks from when Worick and Nicolas became friends during these scenes. We find out a lot about their friendship. In addition, we are introduced to Gaston Brown, who is Nic’s dad. He got a prostitute pregnant, killed her, and took his son with him to become a Tag for hire. Unfortunately, his fathering skills are just as brutal. He beats Nicolas whenever things aren’t going the right way. Nicolas and Worick bond over this common theme. Worick teaches Nicolas how to read, write, and even use sign language. They bond during this time even more. These flashbacks set the stage for the death of Worick’s parents. Maybe Nicolas does it to save Worick.


Dr. Theo was the one who broke into Benriya’s office. He tells Worick that Alex attacked him when he came in. She is seeing visions of Barry. Theo also tells him that Barry was giving her drugs that were designed to keep her complacent and she is suffering from the side effects of these drugs. Later in the episode Worick tries to talk to Alex about this. However, she thinks he is Barry and tries to kiss him (among other things). He tries to tell her that he isn’t Barry. In fact, he states over and over again that he’s the guy who killed Barry to begin with. It was an extremely beautiful and emotional scene that shows us just how much Alex is going through.

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