Gangsta 1×07 Review: “Birth”

By: Courtney Sanders
1X07 anime review birth gangsta

In episode seven of “Gangsta”, Worick has trouble dealing with nightmares about his past. In addition, Nicolas has finally healed from his fight and the hunt for Twilights is getting worse.

Gangsta is the type of show that likes to fill you in on the story with flashbacks. In this episode, the flashbacks tell us more about Worick’s past with Nicolas. It starts with a doctor telling Worick that Nicolas is dying and he needs Celebrer in order to live. However, the doctor also tells him the same things that everyone seems to say about Tags – they are not worth the trouble of saving. Despite learning that Nicolas is a Tag, Worick refuses to give up on him. He truly cares about Nicolas. To Worick, Nicolas is more than just a bodyguard.

Doug and Nicolas have fully recovered from their insane battle. As it turns out, Doug is actually 20 years old. I am sure he usGangsta 1×07 Review: “Birthes his looks to his advantage; I wonder how many people have died because they thought he was a kid. Doug is actually from South Gate. This might mean we will get to see what goes on outside of Ergastulum.

Later in “Birth”, we get another flashback concerning Nicolas and Worick. Worick gets the money to pay Nic’s dad in order to convince him to leave. This proves how little Nic’s dad cared for him. Worick promises Nicolas that he will take care of him from now on. This is the day Worick becomes Nic’s owner.

The leaders of each of the Ergastulum families talk about all of the recent murders of the Twilights. Some of the dead Twilights had contracts with some of the families. Because of this, their deaths mean it is a problem for Ergastulum. Because of the state of the bodies, Monroe seems to believe that another Twilight is killing the other Twilights. Will we be introduced to another player over the course of the next few episodes?

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In the final flashback for episode seven of “Gangsta”, we figure out how Worick got a scar on his eye. This also has a lot to do with what happened to his family. Worick’s dad put a cigarette out on his eye after he caught Worick smoking. Unfortunately for his dad, Nicolas was watching all of this happen. He is so upset about seeing this that he goes on a killing spree. He kills everyone in the house and then tries to kill himself. However, Worick will not let him do this. He states that he wants Nicolas to suffer for what he has done and Worick wants to watch it all happen. Is he still angry about the death of his father? Does he understand why Nicolas did it? Is Nicolas forgiven after all these years? This puts a completely new spin on their relationship and brings us to ask even more questions.

Alex meets with Dr. Theo at the end of “Birth”. It appears that she is doing better. She does not see any more hallucinations. We are also introduced to two different Twilights at the end of the episode. Mikhail and Erica are the Twilights that have been killing the other Tags. After killing yet another Twilight, they actually walked right past Nicolas. The small smile that formed on his face leads me to believe that he recognizes them. Has he figured out what is going on?

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