Gotham’s Ben McKenzie at San Diego Comic Con

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Gotham’s Ben McKenzie at San Diego Comic Con:

Ben McKenzie is an extremely experienced actor, from his role on the O.C to Southland, he has done many different roles.  His newest role is Jim Gordon, the detective and “Bat-advocate” we all know and love in the comics and movie iterations of Batman.  As young Jim Gordon, McKenzie has done a great job portraying the good-hearted, by-the-book man that he is and in the last season of Gotham we watched him battle with the corruption in the Gotham City P.D and then had to overcome his own secrets that lead to an extremely interesting designation by Falcone.  He also has to deal with the fall out left by the Ogre, which brought on something no one saw coming!

McKenzie is very optimistic for the new season.  He says that it is not going to be procedural anymore but now is going to be a more orchestrated drama with all of the characters.  He says he’s very excited for the upcoming season and says that there is going to be more dark humor present this season as well.  The first episode apparently starts right out the gate with new characters that turn out to be big players this season. McKenzie says “(they) may or may not become characters from the mythology whom everyone is familiar with.”  There seems to be a bit of hinting here, though of course at the time of the interview they had only read the first four scripts of the new season.

When asked who he’s most excited to work with he says that he and Cameron Monaghan have been working closely together and McKenzie says he thinks “people are going to be really surprised with what happens with that story line and how unleashed Jerome is on the city of Gotham”.  For McKenzie the best part of playing Gordon, he says, is that it’s equivalent to playing Hamlet, or something from a Shakespeare play because it is “larger than life” and the scenes “are not pedestrian”. He also says “it really takes a while to kind of understand that but when you’re into it it’s fun because it allows you to understand, thematically, what the references are…(he’s able to understand) that Jim is in that world of ‘serving the king, Bruce’ he’s trying to be the guy that gets things done, and sometimes in a nasty way”.

As Gordon’s relationships change this season I feel as though the most exciting one will be between him and Oswald Cobblepot.  The last season they had built up an almost friendship like relationship, but in the end Gordon pretty much betrayed Cobblepot’s trust, which in Cobblepot’s mind is a knife in the back!  We’ll also see how his choice in the end on the first episode will change everything for him, and hopefully it doesn’t destroy already established relationships.  I’m excited to see what’s to come for them the rest of the season!

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