Once Upon A Time Casts Hook’s Father

The powers that be at ONCE announced at NYCC that we would be introduced to Hook’s father before the mid-season finale. Of course, this became one of the hot topics among ONCE fans as they speculated as to what Disney character he would be playing. As you can imagine, quite a few of those characters were mentioned.

We may not know yet what Disney character the actor who was cast will play, but we do know the name of that said actor. Adam Croasdell, from the show EastEnders, has been given the role of Hook’s father. ( Source:EW ) Since we fans have been given no further information, all we can do is go back to the fun of speculation.


Getty Images, ABC

He resembles Hook quite a bit, doesn’t he, or maybe I should say Colin?  As I mentioned earlier, there has been much speculation as to the Disney character he will be portraying. I believe characters such as; Barbosa, Blackbeard, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Davey Jones were thrown into the mix. ONCE fans are a passionate bunch and we know our favorite pirate characters.

While I would love to see any one of those characters on my big screen TV, I am going to hazard a guess and say his name will be Davey Jones. After all, Hook’s full name is Killian Jones, and I am not the only fan to think so.

I think the addition of one Adam Croasdell to the cast is a wise one, question is will he be good or bad? How will Hook handle his return, since we know he abandoned him? I can’t wait to find out! Welcome to the show, Adam Croasdell, welcome!


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