Once Upon A Time Review: Episode 5:02 The Price

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How awesome is this season of ONCE so far? If you said awesome, with a side of awesomesauce, then we are on the same page. The Price wasted no time in getting to the heart of things, and what happened in those missing six weeks. The writer’s packed so much into this episode that I needed a bit more time to process it all. I never go to fan sites after the show is over to see what other fan’s are saying because it would only cloud my thoughts and opinions.

I really don’t know where to begin, due to the fact that so much was jam-packed into this episode. In some cases, packing too much information into any episode can confusion the viewers, and other times, it can entice them. It kept me on the edge of my seat. I thought they were going to drag out what happened in those six weeks so that we, and our heroes and villains (as the case maybe) were kept in the dark a while.

While that was somewhat true, they wasted no time in letting us know what could have been the reason Operation Save Emma from embracing the darkness, failed. After Regina told King Arthur that she was the Savior, I think she loved the idea of being good and the one that everyone looked to for help. She was the Evil Queen, after all and she has some insecurities.

Image Couresty of ABC

Image Couresty of ABC

Our Storybrooke gang are at a loss with this new curse that Emma has infected the whole town with, and who can blame them?  They are wondering how they will survive this new curse, without the aid of Emma. How do they fight against her? I knew this curse wasn’t the same as the memory curses before it. In an attempt to figure out that answer, the dwarves sent (hearing Red Rover in my head) Dopey right over that line. They thought all was well when nothing seemed to happen to Dopey, beyond not seeing any of them anymore.  Then, poor Dopey found himself rooted to the spot, as a tree. I don’t know about anyone else but it seems that Emma, even as the Dark One, did not want to truly harm anyone.

There were many heartbreaking moments for me, and one of them involved Henry. It was included in the preview that I posted last week, with him calling his mother. Henry has grown so much that sometimes you forget he is still a boy who needs his mother. It’s a very good thing that he has two of them but it was still heart breaking. When he told her he was sorry they failed her, my bleeding heart was breaking.

Image courtesy of ABC

Image courtesy of ABC

I will tell you that I had some major light bulb moments when she told Henry that he didn’t fail her, everyone else did. It took me back to the moment when Regina claimed to be the Savior, in order to save Emma from having to use more Dark Magic. Oh, but I digress so there will be a bit more on that later. This whole being the Savior bit will play a major role in Emma embracing the Dark One’s powers.

Image courtesy of ABC

Image courtesy of ABC

I really felt for Hook, with every fiber of my being because he so desperately wants his Swan back. In Camelot, he didn’t want to mess around with attending a ball in their honor. He wanted to get to the point of them being there in the first place, which was to find Merlin.

Of course, he is not far away, Arthur knew right where Merlin was, he was not lost. It turns out that he is just not readily accessible, because it seems that Merlin was imprisoned in a tree and only the Savior (as per prophecy) can free him now. Houston, we have a problem!

Image courtesy of ABC

Image courtesy of ABC

I knew that true love’s kiss was going to play a part in this whole Dark Swan dilemma. Hook is not waiting around with his friends to find a solution, he’s just going full throttle at this point. Belle informs him that True Love’s kiss did work on Rumple but then he missed and craved the power of the dark magic, allowing it to consume him once more.

Hook, being the optimist that he has become, doesn’t think that will be the case with Emma. Belle warns him that ‘A curse isn’t a curse anymore, when the afflicted wants it’.

Image courtesy of ABC

Image courtesy of ABC

Percival sure had me fooled, and here I thought he was a noble knight. At least, right up to the minute that he asked Regina to dance. The look on his face said it all, he was hell bent on his own vengeance. Who could blame him really? Regina did some truly awful things in her past. In true Robin Hood fashion, he rushes in to save his lady love and gets the sword that was meant for Regina.

I love Robin and it pained me to watch him dying. It doubly pained me because somewhere along the way, I started believing in Regina. I want her to receive her happy ending, although I will always have a love/hate relationship with her. It was heartbreaking to watch her try to heal Robin with her magic and not succeed.

Image Courtesy of ABC

Image Courtesy of ABC

I believe the moment that Regina asked Emma to save Robin is when Emma felt herself embracing the power of the Dark One. I think we will find in the coming weeks, that despite waiting to save her from turning dark, they will keep asking her to use magic.

As we know, all magic comes with a price. Emma was willing to pay that price to save Robin but Regina is the one that has to pay up. Regina should know the rules of magic better than anyone by now. A Fury has been unleashed upon Storybrooke and I am telling you that THING was frightening looking. A Fury is a demon sent from the underworld to collect the unpaid price of magic.

Regina, my former Evil Queen, you cannot blame Emma for the fury showing up to collect it’s price. A life for a life was the deal and you need to pay up. I loved the dialogue that occurred between Emma and Regina after the fury took Robin to the lake. Speaking of the lake, I did wonder if what we saw could be the Lady of the Lake, in the form of the Grim Reaper.

Emma: Now you’re going to be heroic? Now life is precious to you?

It seems as if Emma is trying to teach Regina a lesson, and maybe the rest of them as well, by becoming the Dark One.  That is just a speculation on my part but we shall see!

Emma: I am done fixing your problems. You’re always looking for someone else to blame, I did not summon that monster here. The Price is not mine to pay.

Regina: Then whose is it?

Emma: Yours!  You are the one who did not pay the price of magic in Camelot. You want to save Robin? You want everyone to believe you are the Savior, then step up and do what needs to be done.

In other words, you’re on your own, sister. I was impressed that Regina was willing to give up her own life to save Robin. It is what she should have done in Camelot.

 Regina: If you want a life, take mine.  

I was not at all surprised that Mary Margaret, David, and Leroy (well a tad surprised) would not let her face the Fury alone. It seems Regina has a few believer’s, after all. I was very skeptical of King Arthur as he seems kind of shady to me, but that could be my feelings for his wife rubbing off onto him. I have a feeling that she is definitely up to no good.

Oh, Emma what do you have hidden in that locked room of yours? Why, you sneaky little Dark One, you have Excalibur! You just can’t get rid of Rumple, a version of the Dark One, can you? The voice is still inside your head, despite embracing the dark power.  Rumple informs you that you have the power to do something no Dark One has ever been able to do; snuff out the light!  The only thing Emma needs to do is make the sword whole again but she can’t remove the sword from the stone.

Image courtesy of ABC

Image courtesy of ABC

Rumple:If you want that sword, you’re going to have to pay THE PRICE!

Now, how did I know that was going to happen? How does this tie in with the unknown man at the theater with young Emma? We shall find out, maybe next week, or the week after that, or the week after that!

I wonder what the PRICE is for that bit of magic!

My Rating: Five stars! I’m hooked!

What did you think, ONCERS?  Sound off in the comments!


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