Outlander: Claire…er, Caitriona Chats with Fans

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Today is Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser’s 97th birthday! And in honor of that, Caitriona Balfe answered questions on Twitter. (Note: There are some answers for which the questions seem to have disappeared, so those aren’t included here… sorry!)

Q Claire (like you) is a witty lass – what has been your favourite line of Clarie’s so far?
A f@*k in Ep 14… Matt Roberts!!!

Q How long does it take to film the 13 eps of S2? Are you filming in blocks?
A about 9 months!!

Q What role from a past film would you want to play?
A Gena Rowland’s character in Opening Night! I dream of beingon the stage often. Hopefully it will happen soon.

Q Jamie and Claire meet a lot of famous people in the past, is there someone you would love to meet?
A Gena Rowland.

Q Would Claire ever refuse a drink?
A Define refuse…???

Q Did your agent get you the audition for Claire on Outlander or did youhear by word of mouth?
A My agent and manager.

Q Better kisser… Sam or Tobias?
A Can’t answer that but it did have me thinking of a Sam Tobias sandwich. Whoops.

Q What’s your favourite aspect of playing Claire?
A Being out in the Scottish wild with the wind in my hair being badass!!

Q When you work with a bunch of boys, any disgusting habits you try to break in them?
A Where to start???

Q Given the emotional content of DIA (Dragonfly in Amber), how do you prepare for the tough scenes?
A It depends on the scene but I do use music a lot.

Q Which cure would be the best for the extremely traumatic experience of your husband?
A Love.

Q Hi Cait, have you got to sing again in S2?
A Maybe…someone must have been naughty. They like to torture you all.

Q Do you swear as much as she does?
A @$&!!!*%}{??!

Q Did you hear that we elected a new government in Canada last night?
A Yes. Very cool, go Canada.

Q Most emotional episode filmed so far?
A Ep. 7 in the new season.

Q Ever consider getting BEHIND the camera?
A Would love to. Absolute power. Waaahaaahaaaa

Q How is working with Sam Heughan? Do you get on well with him?
A Sam Heughan who??? Never heard of him.
A (Sam) instant divorce and struck off Xmas card list.

Q Again?? How many times can one divorce someone?
A (Sam) Not enough it seems.

Q If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else, who would you pick and what would you do?
A Can I be a dolphin… in a non-polluted sea?

Q Which actor or actress would you love to work with?
A Gena Rowland!!!

Q What is your favorite costume so far?
A So many to choose from but probably the tartan dress in poster for second half of first season.

Q What was your fave location shoot this year?
A Loch Rannoch. Always my favorite but Prague is pretty damn good too!

Q How many times has Sam injured you while filming Season 2 so far?
A Got a nice punch in the cheekbone on Friday. He usually feels sorry afterwards… usually.
A (Sam) Was a better option than the “dry hump.”

Q What do you love about being an actor?
A Walking through studio and seeing the hive of activity everyday. Makes you feel like part of a very exciting circus!

Q Any funny off screen moments you can share?
A Mostly just Sam being clumsy!

Q What is your advice for aspiring actors?
A Work on your craft and get as much life experience as possible.

You think Eddie (Cait’s cat) could play Adso?
A Could, should and (once she’s slimmed down) I’ll be campaigning for her!

Q What did you learn from Claire?
A Be bold!!

Q What’s been your favorite scene to shoot so fra?
A Ship at end of season 1.

Q Do you think you could have been a combat nurse like Claire?
A Yes.

Q What do you do for fun?
A Travel and see music!

Q What kind of music do you prefer or like to listen to?
A Varies but I guess mostly alternative.

Q Your favorite spa treatment? Mani, pedi or facial?
A Ummm all three. One after another!

Q What is your favorite curse word?
A Shit!!!

Q Have you read the entire Outlander series?
A Just first two so far.

Q Any advice on how to handle failure?
A Realize that there is always a lesson to be learned from it then pick yourself up and start again!!

Q What is your greatest aspiration for the future as an artist?
A Just to keep working on projects that inspire me and hopefully others too!

Q What character of classic cinema would you like to play?
A Any Audrey Hepburn role.

Q Lady Macbeth or Viola?
A Lady Macbeth!

Q Do you think Claire and Jamie will get in trouble in this new season?
A Do you know Claire and Jamie???

Q Have you read Diana’s script?
A Yes!! It’s amazing.

Q Excited or nervous to have Diana on set?
A Very excited!!!

Q What’s your favorite museum?
A Either LACMA (LA County Museum of Art) or MOMA (Museum of Modern Art, New York)

Q One thing that you love about living in Glasgow?
A The people!!

Q Who swears most on set? You or Sam?
A Eh, that would probably be feckin me.

Q Do you ever read the script and think, “What the hell are you doing, Claire???”
A quickly followed by a Can’t you ever shut up!!! Ha.

Q Who inspires you?
A My amazing group of friends.

Q Have you tried to “borrow” any of Terry Dresbach’s beautifully designed works of art?
A She has been kind enough to give me one piece. And it’s a special one.

Q Most difficult scene to film?
A Scenes from Ep 7 in this new season.

Q What’s your favourite food?
A Sushi, and soup and fruit and Indonesian and Indian and Italian and Peruvian and…

Q What do you like doing with your down time?
A Sleep, eat, wash and Ooops time to go back to work.

Q Favorite sex between Jamie and Claire?
A Wedding.

Q 1 to 10 how much you love working with Sam?
A -5????
A (Sam) Fahrenheit??

Q What character in anything are you dying to play?
A I would love to do some Pinter on stage or some Shakespeare.

Q Do you have a favorite painter? Picasso? Monet? Van Gogh? Turner?
A Too many to choose.

Q One thing which you really love about your character?
A That I get to play her!!

Q In the bloopers f**k seems to be all your favourite words. Is it still the #1 thing said when messing up lines?
A Probably. It just slips out.

Q Can you say something in French for your French fans/
A Salut tout le monde!!!

Q If i was your last day on earth what would you do?
A Swim in the ocean and take in the last ever sunset.

Q Do you like history and/or has the series made you more interested in the history of the time period?
A Love history. Just don’t ask me to remember any dates.

Q What turns you on creatively?
A Getting to explore unknown territory. Feeling the buzz when everything is flowing right.

Q I’ll graduate this year as a nurse, any tips for in the future so I become just as good as Claire?
A Keep a cool head … !?!

Q Diana said that she told Sam and Ron the ending to the final book. Did you not want to know or was it not offered?
A I wouldn’t want to know until I’d read all the books.

Q What’s your favorite country to travel to?
A Nepal.

Q Would love to see you and Sam co-host an episode of Saturday Night Live! Would you consider it?
A Hell yes!!!

Q What is your most treasured possession?
A The furry lump who is asleep on my knees currently.

Q Curly fries or french fries?
A Sweet potato fries. Curly or straight.

Q Favorite TV shows at the moment?
A Just watched Catastrophe with a very funny Tobias – loved it!

Q  What’s your biggest fear?
A That I’ll have to reveal my biggest fear. 😉

Q Are you feminist? Big love from France.
A Mais bien sur

Q What is your most surprising skill/talent you gained since starting Outlander?
A Not sure about surprising but favorite is horse riding.

How do you focus before shooting a scene?
A I like to do a lot of prep before hand so on the day I can relax and play…

Q What is the quality you like most in Sam?
A Don’t tell him I said this but he’s very thoughtful!

(Sam) Go ask Caitriona your most probing questions! It’s #ClaireFraserBirthday! Just don’t mention her bad taste in music.
A My bad taste????

Q Tell us why your taste in music is better than Sam’s.
A It’s more like I have better taste in everything.

Q What historical figure would you like to meet if you could?
A Joan of Arc.

Q Favorite book of ALL TIME?
A A Year of Magical Thinking or Wuthering Heights or An Invitation to a Beheading or Outlander!!!

Q Do yo have shoes for every outfit in S2 or does Terry reuse a lot of them for different outfits?
A Think I had about 5 pairs so we reused some.

Q What type of mother will Claire be? Overprotective of her children? And who would come first, Jamie or kids?
A I think she’ll be practical and loving but tough and kids would need her more so they come first.

Q What’s the best thing that happened to you because of Outlander?
A I get to do a job that I love everyday and one that comes with amazing fans!!

Q Have you been asked where you would be in 5 years? And are you happy with where you are now?
A Happy with the here and now.

Q How do you think you and Sam will look as the age progression takes place through the series?

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