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Requiem for Dominion: Cancelled after 2 Seasons

The news we were dreading came in today – Syfy has cancelled Dominion. This ambitious show was apparently too much to handle, and didn’t capture enough of an audience to garner a third season.

What contributed to the angels’ downfall? I’d like to blame it all on Christopher Egan’s goofy mustache during Season 2, but honestly, I don’t think that did it. The show was complicated, fanciful and original, and obviously required too much thought to get through to a bigger audience. This has been one of my favorites during the past two years, and I’ve definitely enjoyed the interaction with creator and executive producer Vaun Wilmott, the cast, the composer, and of course, all the fans.

Fans had worked hard over the past couple of months to let Syfy know how important this show is to them – Facebook group leaders prepared weekly banners and organized tweetouts, Star Tom Wisdom got up in the middle of the night to live-tweet the show from overseas. Composer Bill Brown chatted with fans frequently and enthusiastically. Vaun got involved with the fan groups, judging an art contest and responding often to fan comments and questions. I held a #RenewDominion poetry contest, and Vaun recently requested copies of all of the entries. Could nothing sway the cold, hard hearts of the Syfy brass?


There was so much left of this story – we barely got a glimpse of Lucifer. What happens to Vega? Does Noma go against her vow to protect Alex? Will Michael and Gabriel ever reunite, does God return? Fans are already suggesting that maybe Netflix or Hulu should pick up the show, but that’s not even a long shot. Our only hope, really, to hear the rest of the story that Vaun says he had planned for several seasons is for him to put it down on paper – maybe a graphic novel or two? He has experience in that area – if enough support could be shown for the idea, could it happen?

As a fan myself, I have to say that this was somewhat unexpected and definitely sad news. So, with a heavy heart, I say not goodbye to Michael, Gabriel, Arika, Alex, Julian, Noma, Claire, David and William, but au revoir, and hope we meet again.

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