Supernatural: The Bad Seed Clip and Photos from Form and Void

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After ten seasons, it’s become a bit of an expectation to see a few of Supernatural’s old tropes recycled with new villains. Will this be the season the boys survive, settle down and live happily ever after? or will this be the end of the dynamic duo when one brother bites it and doesn’t get a sequel? As season eleven has kicked off, we’ve revisited the “really, super bad evil being released on the world thanks to the brothers” trope and with it a bit of a shakeup with Crowley, death and the boys. Obviously, Death is…well, dead. (Thanks a lot, Dean.) His minions haven’t taken very kindly to that and clearly lack the sense of humor that Death possessed. As such, the boys have been issued a warning: if you die, this time it’s for reals. Crowley is done playing nice and has teamed up with the Darkness – even providing snacks and playtime for her – while the boys try to figure out how to save Cas and the world from the crap they got themselves into at the end of last season. At least Sam figured out that whole blood poisoning, zombie effect crisis.

Will the the boys be able to save Cas? Will Crowley get his babysitting money? Watch the CW Wednesday at 9/8c to find out and check out the sneak peak clip below!

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Carrie Hildebrand