The Walking Dead – Preview 603 – Thank You

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We are all waiting in anticipation for this next episode of The Walking Dead. Since last week, we are still on pins and needles wondering what Rick and the others will think of the massacre that went down with the Wolves. And, we still have the horde of walkers to contend with. Will Rick and the group be able to drive them away from Alexandria? There is alot of speculation going around the internet the past few days. It all has to do with what will transpire in, “Thank You“. My source’s say that there will be a death in this episode. Maybe, two! Although it can not be confirmed, according to some spoilers, the death will come as a great shock. It is reported to be the death of a main character. I am not usually the one who falls for this kind of speculation. We all know that some of our most beloved characters get killed off. But, this one is hitting a nerve with me. I won’t say who the spoilers are pointing to, but if you traipse through the internet, you are likely to come across something. I will hold out hope that it is not who they say, but be forewarned! You and I both know that we will enjoy the episode none the less.  Join Threeifbyspace for live tweeting on Sunday nigh,t October 25th and rest easy… it will be alright!

Preview 1 of 603

Preview 2 of 603

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