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The Walking Dead S6 Ep 2-Preview

WHO IS BLOWING THE DANG HORN? That’s what I, and a million or more people want to know! I am pretty sure we will find out Sunday, Oct. 18th on AMC. When last checked in, we were left with that little cliffhanger, and there has been all sorts of speculation. Is it Ron, “porch dick’s” son, who is feeling less than happy right now. Is it Father Gabriel, who was blown off by Rick, not once, but twice, when he offered his help? Or is it Enid, Carl’s creepy little girlfriend. I and many others , think she has something to do with the Wolves. Speaking of Wolves, that is my best and most obvious guess. We know that they are the next in line to challenge our group’s safety. We know that they are close. I believe that they have seen the groups strongest members are outside the walls of Alexandria trying to herd the horde. So what better time to cause chaos and strike? Let me know what you think and remember, Threeifbyspace will be live tweeting the show! Join us!

Preview 1

Preview 2


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