Tomorrow – the Return of Grimm! #Grimmiere

I don’t know about you, but May seems like forever ago. But it’s finally here – Grimm will return tomorrow night, and we’ll finally find out what happens next!

Juliette is really dead – it’s been confirmed, sadly. We know that. But…

How will Nick cope with the death of his mother and the love of his life (however twisted she was in the end) in such quick succession? And hey, wow – the Grimm he’s been mentoring is the one who killed the love of his life. Yeeeeouch. That’ll be a hard one to deal with.

Add in that his nemesis is carrying his baby… a baby that may or may not be half-Grimm, half-Hexenbiest (Adalind lost her powers partway through the pregnancy… who knows what that did to the baby!). Parenting will be an absolute joy with these two frenemies… not to mention, is anyone going to try to steal THIS kid?? What’s happened to poor Diana since Kelly was killed? Does Meisner still have her, and where will he take her?

Then there are the lingering issues that Monroe and Rosalee are certainly still dealing with after what happened with the Wesenrein. That is not something you just forget about. And how will they feel about the death of Juliette?

Renard and the Royals… it’s like a demented rock band no one wants to hear. What’s going to happen there? Is Sean now the head of the family, or will there be yet another cousin coming out of the proverbial woodwork? And will we ever truly know which side Sean is on?

Hank and Sgt. Wu will hopefully be able to support – and maybe stabilize – Nick as he deals with so much grief, anger and upheaval in his life. But will Nick be able to accept that help?

And finally – where is Trubel???? Oh Agent Chavez…

Join me tomorrow evening as I live tweet the #Grimmiere from @ThreeIfBySpace – and maybe together, we’ll get a few answers… or at least some hints!



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